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RICi-T3 is an intelligent converter connecting Fast Ethernet LANs over T3 circuits

RICi-T3 is an intelligent converter connecting Fast Ethernet LANs over T3 circuits.

RICi-T3 is an intelligent converter connecting Fast Ethernet LANs over T3 circuits. The RAD RICi-T3  enables service providers and ISPs to supply transparent Ethernet services, without interfering with user traffic.  RICi-T3 has one framed T3 port, and one 10/100BaseTx port. Packets are forwarded from the Ethernet network to the T3 network at wire speed, fully utilizing the expensive T3 circuit. The 802.1p priority scheme  enables users to define three different QoS levels, according to the application requirements. The Fast Ethernet  bridge in the RICi-T3 handles 1536-byte frames supporting VLAN applications. In filter mode, the bridge  learns MAC addresses and filters local traffic, and in transparent mode it forwards any received packet. VLAN  stacking transports user traffic transparently, keeping the user LAN settings intact. In addition, the management traffic may be tagged with a different VLAN, fully separating user traffic from management data. The DHCP  client automatically obtains IP address, IP mask and default gateway, minimizing installation time. The RAD RICi-T3 provides a fault propagation feature. When a link failure is detected the RICi-T3 shuts down the user port.

RICi-T3 Management 

RADviewLite, RADís SNMP based system provides fault management and monitoring, with a GUI-cut-through to  RADís ConfiguRAD, web-based server for element configuration and diagnostics The devices can also be  managed via an ASCII terminal, Telnet or ConfiguRAD. Inband management is from the Fast Ethernet user port  or via the T3 port. Management traffic and user Ethernet traffic are transported together on the same Ethernet  flow, separated by different VLANs, which ensures traffic security.

RICi-T3 Diagnostics

Remote and local loopbacks are used for problem isolation at the physical layer. A built-in ping utility allows checking IP connectivity by pinging remote IP hosts. Trace-route application can quickly trace a route from RICi-T3 to any other network device.

There is a power supply ordering option, the RAD RICi-T3 has  the same features but use different power supplies.

RICi-T3 data sheet (pdf 274k)
RICi-T3 installation and operations manual (pdf 3152k)

RICi-T3 application

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