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RAD Data Communications - Authorized Distributor

Optimux-XLT1 from RAD
Multiple T1 and Ethernet Optical Multiplexer 

bulletOP-XLT1/AC, OP-XLT1/AC/R

Optimux-XLT1 Features

bulletThe RAD Optimux-XLT1 integrates multiple T1 and Ethernet channels over a single link
bulletTransmission over fiber optic cable
bulletSupports multimode fiber, single mode fiber and single mode over single fiber (WDM)
bulletLaser diode option
bulletRange up to 60 km (36 miles)
bulletConforms to ITU G.703, ANSI T1.102, G.742, G.751, G.823, G.956
bulletOptional second fiber optic link provides automatic backup
bulletThe RAD Optimux-XLT1 can be ordered with an optional redundant power supply
bulletManagement using ASCII terminal, Telnet or SNMP management station
bulletCompact, 1U high enclosure

RAD Optimux-XLT1 description

bulletOptimux - XLT1 provides a simple, flexible and cost-effective solution for transporting multiple T1 links and Ethernet at distances up to 60 km (36 miles).
bulletOptimux - XLT1 integrates up to 12 T1 channels and up to four Ethernet LANs over a single fiber optic link. This provides an easily upgradable solution, flexible enough to meet the specific requirements of a broad range of applications.
bulletThe RAD Optimux-XLT1supports one fixed 10BaseT Ethernet port and three additional plug-in channel modules. Available channel modules are:
bulletQuad channel T1
bullet10BaseT Ethernet.
bulletModules can be combined in various ways, ranging from four Ethernet ports to a single Ethernet port with up to 12 T1 channels.
bulletVarious optical interfaces are available:
bullet850 nm for multimode fiber
bullet1300 nm for single mode fiber
bullet1300 and 1550 nm laser for extended range over single mode fiber.
bulletTwo Optimux - XLT1 units can be connected over a single fiber (SF) using the WDM technology (The transmit signal is at a different wavelength than the receive signal).
bulletWhere required, all critical components can be automatically backed up. This ensures there is no single point of failure. An optional second link provides backup, using automatic switchover upon link failure. An optional second power supply provides power redundancy and fail-safe operation.
bulletEthernet data is transmitted using a built-in bridging function. The bridge operates at 6 Mbps and supports up to 10,000 addresses.
bulletOptimux - XLT1 from RAD transmits each of the T1 channels independently, such that the clock of each T1 channel is independent.
bulletTo facilitate system diagnostics, Optimux - XLT1 features LED status indicators, AIS alarm generation, recognition and dry contact closure upon link failure. In addition, the Optimux - XLT1 setup, control and diagnostics can be performed via a supervisory port using an ASCII terminal. Telnet can also perform these operations via the Ethernet ports or a dedicated separate Ethernet management port.
bulletThe SNMP management application offers the following options:
bulletJava-based Web management running on Netscape or Microsoft Explorer
bulletRADview - PC running in a Windows environment
bulletRADview - HP for HPOV UNIX platforms.
bulletOptimux - XLT1 is available as a compact 1U high unit for mounting in a 19" rack.

Optimux-XLT1 Applications 

Figure 1. Point-to-Point Application


Optimux-XLT1 Ordering Options

Multiplexer with built-in Ethernet port.
Note: All channel modules should be ordered separately (see below).
* Specify power supply
AC for 115/230 VAC
48 for -48 VDC
24 for 24 VDC
R Specify R for second redundant power supply (same type as first)
#+ Specify Link interface 
(# for connector type, followed by + for optical wavelength)
# ST for ST type connector
SC for SC type connector
FC for FC type connector
+ 85 for 850 nm, multimode
13 for 1300 nm, single mode
13L for 1300 nm, single mode, laser diode
15L for 1550 nm, single mode, laser diode
SF1 for transmit 1300 nm, receive 1550 nm
SF2 for transmit 1550 nm, receive 1300 nm
Note: for single fiber connection (WDM) one of the devices has to be ordered with SF1 interface and the other with SF2 interface.

D Specify D for second redundant link (same type as first link) Channel Modules

OP-XL-M/4T1 for 4 x T1

OP-XL-M/ETH for 10BaseT Ethernet

Optimux-XLT1 data sheet (pdf)


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