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Megaplex-104, Megaplex-204 Compact Voice Channel Banks

Megaplex-104 and Megaplex-204 are cost-effective voice channel banks designed specifically for small point-of-presence (POP) applications, such as wireless connectivity (see Figure 1). Both the Megaplex-104 and Megaplex-204 have a single E1 uplink and provide up to 8 or 16 FXS voice channels, respectively. The channels support various analog voice features that are required by voice service providers. 
Megaplex-104, Megaplex-204 MP-104/AC/E1/8/FXS MP-204/AC/E1/16/FXS MP-204/DC/E1/16/FXS voice channel banks
Encoding and decoding are in full compliance with ITU-T G.713 requirements. 

Voice channel companding is selectable for A-law or μ-law. Each 64 kbps PCM voice channel is allocated a timeslot on the Fractional E1 main link in a DS0 compatible format, permitting voice channel switching by digital cross-connect systems (DACS). 

In multipoint applications over E1 networks, compact RAD Megaplex-104 and Megaplex-204 units at various branch locations communicate with a higher density Megaplex-2100 Modular Integrated Access Multiplexer at the main office, extending PBX services. By cross-connecting timeslots via a DACS, any voice channel at one branch can be connected to any channel at another branch, providing any-to-any connectivity.

- Megaplex-104 and Megaplex-204 FXS interfaces are typically used for direct connection to 2-wire telephones in the following loop-start applications:

- Off-Premises Extension (OPX), where a telephone connected to the local PBX is connected to an off-premises telephone, by dialing only the extension number assigned to the off-premises telephone;

- Private Line, Automatic Ringdown (PLAR) application (also referred to as Hot Line), where two telephones are connected directly via the E1 link. When the telephone on one side goes off-hook, the other telephone rings;
In addition to basic loop-start signaling for POTS, each 2-wire FXS port supports reverse polarity and generates 12/16 kHz metering pulse, thus meeting the specifications for public payphones. An internal ringer supplies the required feed and ringing voltages for the connected telephones, without the need for an external DC power source.

- Direct connection to 2-wire telephones in PSTN applications.

Each FXS port of the Megaplex-104 and Megaplex-204 support caller ID, by transparently transferring the FSK modem tones between the incoming rings. With this feature, a customer subscribed to a Caller ID service can see the Caller ID of an incoming or waiting call with any Caller ID display equipment. Inband fax support for Group III fax machines complies with T.4 and T.30. The compact size of the units is convenient for small office or residential locations. Megaplex-104 is an 8.5-inch wide, 1U high unit with a plastic chassis. It uses an external power supply (included with unit). Megaplex-204 is a 17-inch wide, 1U high unit with a metal chassis. It features an internal power supply. Both are suitable for desktop operation, wall-mounting or mounting in standard 19" racks.

Megaplex-104 and Megaplex-204 support either loopback timing (LBT mode) or timing from the internal clock (INT mode).

Gain control is software selectable for both the receive and transmit directions, enabling easy installation in all environments.

Diagnostic features include loopbacks on the FXS channels towards the remote user equipment and loopbacks on the E1 link to both the local and remote sides. Test tone injection of 1 kHz, 0 dBm0 towards the remote or local equipment is also available. Monitoring of the E1 link receive and transmit signaling, as well as port statistics are supported.

Megaplex-104, Megaplex-204 MP-104/AC/E1/8/FXS MP-204/AC/E1/16/FXS MP-204/DC/E1/16/FXS voice channel banks

Megaplex-104, Megaplex-204 product data sheet (pdf)

Ordering options:

MP-104/AC/E1/8/FXS E1 8-Port Compact Voice Channel Bank
MP-204/AC/E1/16/FXS E1 16-Port Compact Voice Channel Bank with AC power supply
MP-204/DC/E1/16/FXS E1 16-Port Compact Voice Channel Bank with DC power supply

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