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RAD Kilomux 2100 ( KM-2100/AC/EU ), Kilomux 2104, Kilomux 2000

Features of the Kilomux, Description of the RAD Kilomux, Applications for the RAD Kilomux, Ordering the Kilomux

RAD Kilomux KM-2100/AC/EU

RAD Kilomux Features

Integrating access multiplexer for data, voice, fax and LAN
Advanced voice compression techniques maximize utilization of main link bandwidth
Main link data rates from 9.6 to 1536 kbps
Connects to leased line, radio, satellite, DDS and ISDN links
Analog and digital voice interface, with fax and data modem transmission support
High quality low bit rate voice from 4.8 to 16 kbps
Four models available:
Kilomux-2000 (3U high) supports up to 12 I/O modules
Kilomux-2004 (1U high) supports up to 4 I/O modules
Kilomux-2100 - KM-2100/AC/EU  (3U high) with enhanced management, supports up to 12 I/O modules
Kilomux-2104 (1U high) with enhanced management, supports up to 4 I/O modules
Optional redundant power supply (Kilomux-2000/2100)
Dual main links for load sharing, drop&insert or backup (Kilomux-2000/2100)
Wide range of I/O modules support:
Async datan
Sync data
MPMLQ and PCELP compressed voice with fax/data modem relayn
Ethernet and Token Ring internetworking
Supports Fractional E1/T1, as well as switched and leased ISDN main link.
Management via front panel LCD, ASCII terminal, Telnet or RADview SNMP network management system
TFTP support for common logic software upgrade

Description of the RAD Kilomux

The compact Kilomux modular time-division multiplexer offers a wide selection of main link, system and I/O modules. Kilomux supports the integration of data, voice/fax and LAN applications allowing the integration of most applications over one or two main links at rates from 9.6 to 1536 kbps.
Kilomux can be connected to services including leased line and DDS, as well as ISDN, Fractional E1/T1. Main link buffers and echo cancellation on the voice channels ensure full operation over radio and satellite.
Kilomux supports both analog and digital voice interfaces for direct connection to PBX tie lines and extensions, ISDN PBX extension lines, telephone handsets and E1/T1 trunks.
Kilomux uses time-division multiplexing (TDM) techniques to ensure minimal delay and protocol transparency, so that applications such as SNA and voice are assured the bandwidth and short delay they require.
Voice, fax, and data modem transmission is provided through support of standard PCM (64 kbps) and ADPCM (32 kbps) voice, as well as high quality compressed voice. The MPMLQ and PCELP voice compression algorithms allow transmission of voice, with fax and data modem relay, at data rates from 16 kbps down to 4.8 kbps. Supported standard fax and data modem rates are between 14.4 to 2.4 kbps.
Kilomux can be used in point-to-point applications between two sites, or in "V" or chain applications for multiple sites.
Kilomux supports two independent configuration databases (day/night) and can switch between them in case of any network event. This feature enables alternate routing in case of failure.



The Kilomux product line features four models for different network needs. The modular Kilomux design makes it easy to upgrade and customize, by adding I/O and System modules.
Note: Kilomux-2100/2104 are functionally compatible with the Kilomux-2000/2004, and support all Kilomux-2000 I/O, Main Link and System Modules.


Kilomux-2000 is a modular, 3U high device, supporting system modules, up to 12 I/O modules, and optional redundancy for main link and power supply.
Designed for applications in smaller sites, with its compact size of only 1U, Kilomux-2004 supports up to 4 I/O modules. Kilomux-2004 is limited to a single main link and power supply.



Kilomux-2100 is the enhanced version of the popular Kilomux-2000. It features:
A high-powered CPU, able to meet future requirements
Software download capability to facilitate system upgrades
Full SNMP agent, providing improved RADview support (faster operation, capable of multiple unit management from a single station)
Ethernet management port
Telnet support.



Kilomux-2104 is the enhanced version of Kilomux-2004 and features the same technical improvements as the Kilomux-2100.


Several different types of Kilomux main link (KML) modules are available for compatibility with various digital data service interfaces and public services.
Interfaces supported:
V.35, V.24/RS-232,
V.36/RS-422/RS-530, X.21, G.703, standard CSU/DSU for DDS services, Fractional E1/T1, ISDN Basic Access, and fiber optic.
One or two main link modules are supported (Kilomux-2000/2100 only). The second link can be used as a redundant link for backup, or as a load-sharing link to provide double capacity.
Various main link timing modes are available, enabling receipt of clock from the main link, a sub?channel or an internal oscillator clock.



The Kilomux's Common Logic control module monitors system operation, sets configuration and ensures communication with the management station. Common logic modules can also be ordered separately for special purposes.


KDI is a system module which provides drop&insert functionality by bypassing of any channel or combination of channels between link A and link B (see Applications on following page). Refer to separate KDI data sheet for details.


Up to 12 I/O modules can be accommodated by the Kilomux?2000/2100 chassis. Up to 4 can be accommodated by the smaller Kilomux-2004/2104).


Kilomux high speed sync data modules operate at selectable data rates from 2.4 kbps up to 614.4 kbps. Interfaces supported include V.35, V.36/RS-449, X.21, RS-530, as well as BRI ISDN, G.703.



Low speed sync/async modules and statistical multiplexing data modules, operate at rates from 0.3 kbps up to 64 kbps.



Support is provided for standard PCM and 32 kbps ADPCM voice, or high quality compressed voice. Advanced speech coding techniques include G.723.1 MPMLQ, which offers very high quality voice at bit rates as low as 6.4 kbps, and PCELP at 4.8 kbps.
Voice/fax/data modem modules support automatic fax/data modem identification, enabling Group III fax and data modem transmission at rates up to 14.4 kbps.
Both analog and digital voice interfaces are supported for connection to PBX tie lines, extensions or directly to telephones, as well as to E1/T1 trunk connections and ISDN PBXs.



Ethernet and Token Ring Internetworking modules connect between remote Ethernet and Token Ring LANs.


Kilomux incorporates numerous test features for easy maintenance and fast fault detection. On power-up and during normal operation, automatic self-test and link-tests are performed, and any problems are reported to the system management.
Local and remote loops can be performed for every main link and I/O channel via soft-commands. Additionally, a built-in BERT can test any I/O data channel.


Kilomux system operation and management, including configuration, diagnostics, and monitoring of the local and remote units, can be via front panel push buttons, ASCII terminal, Telnet, AAMS or RADview (for Kilomux?2100/2104).


The front panel control system is run by an LCD display, a set of pushbuttons, and an array of LED indicators.



An ASCII terminal can be connected locally, through a dial-up modem or via Telnet (Kilomux?2100/2104 only).



AAMS permits alarm acquisition from multiple units via automatic scanning. AAMS communicates with Kilomux via a supervisory port.



RADview, RAD's Network Management System running over PC or UNIX (HP OpenView), enables complete monitoring and control of multiple Kilomux-2100/2104 chassis from a central station via a user friendly GUI.
The system provides direct on-line supervision, configuration, diagnostics and alarm reception. Storing all configuration information in non-volatile memory to ensure data integrity in the event of a power failure.



RADview management of the Kilomux  KM-2100/AC/EU

RADview - PC Network Management System


Applications of the RAD Kilomux

1. Point-to-Point Network

KM-2100/AC/EU Kilomux app2
Kilomux is suitable for integrating all traffic requirements between two sites over a wide variety of links.
A dual link option supports both load sharing between the two links, as well as automatic backup with priority bumping.

2. "V", Ring or Chain Topology usingDrop&Insert and Bypass

Kilomux application 3
For connectivity between three or more sites, Kilomux supports drop&insert and bypass
used in "V", Ring or Chain topologies.

3. Discount or Remote Telephony Services

Kilomux application 4
The excellent voice quality at very low bit rates (up to 13:1 compression) offered by Kilomux,
enables service providers to meet customer quality requirements while realizing significant bandwidth savings.
These properties, together with excellent support for wireless links, make Kilomux ideal for applications
providing telephony services to remote locations.

4. Star Corporate Network together with Megaplex - 2100 Central Office Multiplexer

RAD Kilomux application #5
Kilomux works opposite Megaplex - 2100/LS-6 modules, over the digital network,
for a Star configuration connection of branch office LAN/voice to a central office.

5. ISDN Applications

Kilomux application 6
Kilomux enables connectivity over switched or leased line ISDN networks, connectivity to ISDN switches,
as well as extension of ISDN services to non-ISDN premises.

Ordering the RAD Kilomux

Basic units include: chassis, single power supply, single main link and common logic. (All I/O modules, as well as additional system, main link and power supply modules, are ordered separately.)

12-I/Oslot Modular Multiplexer

4-I/O slot Modular Multiplexer

12-I/O slot Modular Multiplexer (enhanced version)

4-I/O slot Modular Multiplexer (enhanced version)
~ Specify power supply:
AC for 100-240 VAC
48 for -48 VDC
24 for 24 VDC (KM-2000/2100 only)
^ Specify HP for KPS.6 or KPS.7 high power supply. (Default is for low power)
* Specify management interface
(in addition to supervisory port):
DP for V.24/RS-232 dial port 
EU for Ethernet 10BaseT (UTP)
EB for Ethernet 10Base2 (BNC)
? Specify main link interface: 
Available for all models:
V35 for V.35
V24 for V.24/RS-232
V36 for V.36/RS-422/RS-530
X21 for X.21
703 for G.703, co-directional
DDS for standard DDS
S for ISDN "S" interface
U for ISDN "U" interface 

Not available for KM-2004:
T1 for fractional T1, G.703/G.704
E1 for fractional E1, G.703/G.704
&% for fiber optic (see following)

&% Specify fiber optic interface 
(& for connector type and % for 
optical wavelength): 

&: ST for ST type connector
FC for FC/PC type connector 

%: 85 for 850 nm, multimode, LED
13 for 1300 nm, single mode, 
13L for 1300 nm, single mode, 
laser diode
15L for 1550 nm, single mode, 
laser diode

(for KM-2000/2100 chassis only)

Common Logic module for KM-2000

Common Logic module with enhanced management for KM-2100

Power Supply (for KM-2000/2100 only)
# Specify input voltage:
3 for -48 VDC, 25W
4 for 115/230 VAC, 50W
5 for -24 VDC, 25W
6 for 115/230 VAC, 56W
7 for -48 VDC, 56W
Main Link module (see individual module data sheets for more details)
@ Specify main link interface:
1 for V.35
2 for V.24/RS-232
3 for V.36/RS-422/RS-530
4 for X.21
5 for G.703, co-directional
6 for standard DDS (US)
7 for fractional T1, G.703/G.704
8 for fractional E1, G.703/G.704
9 for X.50
10/S for ISDN "S" interface
10/U for ISDN "U" interface
F/&% for fiber optic

KVC.1 modules ( KM-2000M-KVC.1M/,  KM-2000M-KVC.1M/S , KM-2000M-KVC.1M/O ) voice modules

RAD Kilomux-2100/2104 Data, Voice, Fax and LAN Integrating Modular Multiplexer pdf data sheet

RAD KHS.1 - 2 Channel High Speed Data Module pdf data sheet

KM-Ringer and Ringer-2000 DC Feed and Ring Power Supplies for Voice/Fax Modules

KM-Ringer DC Feed and Ring Power Supply Module for Voice/Fax and ISDN Modules pdf Installation and Operation Manual

RAD Kilomux individual part numbers


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