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FCD-155 from RAD Data Communications

RAD FCD-155 STM-1/OC-3 Terminal Multiplexer


The RAD FCD-155 offers Multiservice functionality combining TDM and Ethernet in the same box:
- Two 10/100BaseT ports on the FCD-155
- Optional four 10/100BaseT or single GbE port available on the FCD-155 available on the FCD-155
- Optional 4/8 E1/T1 or single E3/DS3 or Sub STM-1 port available on the FCD-155

The RAD FCD-155 STM-1/OC-3 Terminal Multiplexer provides revenue-generating Ethernet services while preserving investment in legacy SDH/SONET networks
Optimizes bandwidth utilization over existing networks. The FCD-155 expands service offerings of carriers and service providers. The FCD-155 is available with standard APS protection on the main link.

The compact size and low cost of the FCD-155 makes it a great alternative to more expensive alternatives. The FCD-155 terminal multiplexer delivers next generation Ethernet services as well as traditional (TDM) traffic over existing SDH/SONET networks. Installed at the customer site, the FCD-155 leverages the SDH/SONET infrastructure for Internet access and LAN connectivity, while providing continued support for all traditional E1/T1 services.

The RAD FCD-155 STM-1/OC-3 Terminal Multiplexer improves bandwidth efficiency. The FCD-155 connects LAN traffic over existing SDH/SONET networks. The FCD-155 has support for generic framing procedure (GFP) or X.86 encapsulation with virtual concatenation enables configuring the bandwidth of the IP channel in increments of 2 Mbps (VC-12), 1.5 Mbps (VT 1.5) or 50 Mbps (VC-3 or STS- 1), up to 100 Mbps wire-speed, for cost effective adaptation of the SDH/SONET infrastructure for LAN connectivity.  The FCD-155 eliminates the rigid bandwidth restrictions usually imposed by SDH/SONET virtual containers, and allows for scalable and efficient next generation Ethernet services delivery over voice-oriented networks.

FCD-155 Multiservice offering:

In addition to transporting next generation IP services, the FCD-155 continues to support all traditional E1/T1 or E3/T3 services via optional PDH interface modules. The TDM traffic is mapped into the SDH/SONET frame and can be terminated at any point on the network.

The RAD FCD-155 STM-1/OC-3 Terminal Multiplexer Reduces costs, increases revenues.

The FCD-155 brings Ethernet economics and packet-switching efficiency to existing SDH/SONET TDM infrastructures. 

The FCD-155 thereby enables carriers and service providers to reduce both operating and capital expenditures, as they use their optical bandwidth for revenue-generating Ethernet services. For a modest investment, SDH/SONET carriers can exploit new business opportunities by leveraging their existing equipment to support clear channel data streams and the latest high bandwidth services.

A service provider serving enterprise customers benefits from better bandwidth utilization on the network (for example, a user who needs 10 Mbps LAN will use five VC-12 or seven VT 1.5 links instead of a full 50 Mbps VC-3 or STS-1 connection), and gains the ability to offer service granularity similar to next generation Ethernet networks. End users benefit from lower costs and a larger selection of services that can better meet their specific connectivity requirements.

FCD-155 data sheet (pdf)

FCD-155 operations manual (pdf 3701k)


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