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ETX-202 Gigabit Ethernet Network Termination Unit from RAD

ETX-202 Gigabit Ethernet Network Termination Unit from RAD is a network termination unit (NTU) owned and operated by the service provider and installed at the customer premises. It serves as a clear demarcation point between the user and operator networks. Providing monitoring and diagnostic as well as QoS capabilities, ETX-202 focuses on the service and allows the service provider to achieve end-to-end rather than edge-to-edge service control. IP address, IP mask and default gateway can be automatically obtained using DHCP.

Ethernet Capabilities of the ETX-202 Gigabit Ethernet Network Termination Unit

ETX-202 features an internal bridge, operating in VLAN-aware and VLAN-unaware modes. VLAN stacking can be used for traffic separation between different users or services, by defining a Service VLAN ID per customer or service. When VLAN stacking is used, a Service VLAN tag is added to the user traffic and removed from network traffic. Both Service VLAN ID and Service VLAN priority can be defined.

The unit provides a user configurable fault propagation mechanism. When a link failure is detected at the network port, ETX-202 optionally shuts down a user port until the network link is restored.

Ethernet OAM of ETX-202 Gigabit Ethernet Network Termination Unit

ETX-202 provides two types of Ethernet OAM:
• End-to-end OAM based on 802.1ag and Y.1731 enable Ethernet service providers to monitor their services proactively, measure end-to-end performance and guarantee that the customers receive the contracted SLA. Fault monitoring and performance measurement include Frame Delay, Frame Delay Variation, Frame Loss and Availability.
• Single segment (link) OAM according to 802.3ah for remote management and fault indication, including remote loopback, dying gasp, and MIB parameters retrieval.

ETX-202 Gigabit Ethernet Network Termination Unit Network Interface Redundancy

The unit supports two redundancy modes:
• Link aggregation (1+1) based on 802.3ad
• Dual homing (1:1), allowing ETX-202 to be connected to two different upstream devices.

QoS with the ETX-202 Gigabit Ethernet Network Termination Unit

Different service types require different levels of QoS to be provided end-to-end. QoS can be defined per subscriber as well as per service. QoS has two aspects: rate limitation and traffic prioritization. Hierarchical rate limitation defines peak traffic rate per user, port service or per traffic aggregate. This maximizes bandwidth utilization. For prioritizing user traffic ETX-202 features up to three separate queues, which handle traffic with different service demands, such as real-time traffic, premium data or best-effort data. In case of congestion, the relevant service receives higher priority at the customer premises. Traffic can be classified dynamically and mapped to different priority queues according to VLAN priority, DSCP, or ToS. Appropriate QoS can be achieved without customer marking, by mapping different services and different user ports (portbased priority).

ETX-202 Gigabit Ethernet Network Termination Unit Management Capabilities

The unit can be managed using different ports and applications:
• Local management via an ASCII terminal connected to the RS-232 port
• Remote inband management via user or the network ports. Remote management is performed using Telnet, Web browser or RADview, RAD’s SNMP-based management system. Management traffic can be separated from user data by creating a dedicated management VLAN. Up to ten different stations can manage ETX-202 simultaneously, enabling monitoring the network status from different locations.

MEF 9 Compliance of ETX-202 Gigabit Ethernet Network Termination Unit

ETX-202 is certified by Metro Ethernet Forum for EPL services (MEF 9).

ETX-202 Gigabit Ethernet Network Termination Unit Typical Applications

Providing access to packet switched networks (Ethernet, IP/MPLS), as well as next-generation SDH/SONET backbones over Ethernet, using standard fiber optic interface. Access to legacy networks is possible when the edge devices include tributary Ethernet ports (see Figure 2). ETX-202 can be used for site-to-site connectivity (E-line), and for multiple site connectivity (E LAN), depending on network topology.

Environment for ETX-202 Gigabit Ethernet Network Termination Unit

ETX202/H is a temperature-hardened version with matching SFPs intended for industrial installations.

ETX-202 Gigabit Ethernet Network Termination Unit from RAD

ETX-202 Gigabit Ethernet Network Termination Unit from RAD

ETX-202 Gigabit Ethernet Network Termination Unit - pdf data sheet


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