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BE-1 Coax to Twisted Pair Converter for E1

BE-1 Coax to Twisted Pair Converter for E1

BE-1 Coax to Twisted Pair Converter for E1

The BE-1/F and BE-1/M Balun (coax to twisted pair converter) from RAD enables any E1 equipment with coax interface to operate over two twisted pairs (4-wire interface), as shown in Figure 1.

Two BE-1 units back-to-back allow 4-wire ISDN equipment to operate over existing coax cables (see Figure 2).

BE-1 is insensitive to the direction of the signal, allowing transmit and receive lines to be reversed without affecting operation.

BE-1/F and BE-1/M are a miniature, lightweight Balun. It operates without AC or DC power and provides up to 1000V isolation voltage for protection against AC and DC overvoltage on the line.

RAD BE-1 Standards:
Supports ITU G.703 pulse mask on unbalanced and balanced sides

Data rate: 2.048 Mbps

BE-1 Unbalanced Interface
Line impedance: 75W, unbalanced
Connectors: 2 x BNC (female or male)
(see Ordering information in data sheet)

BE-1 Balanced Interface
Line impedance: 120W, balanced
Connector: RJ-45, 8-pin

BE-1/F for BNC female connectors
BE-1/M for BNC male connectors

Brief YouTube video about BE-1

BE-1/F and BE-1/M RAD data sheet (pdf 135k)
BE-1 Coax to Twisted Pair Converter  application


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