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AIRMUX-200 wireless mux for T1, E1 and Ethernet from RAD

RAD Airmux 200

Airmux 200 Wireless mux from RAD 

Airmux 200 Wireless multiplexer combining up to four E1/T1 and Ethernet interfaces
High data rates up to 48 Mbps (half duplex) with the wireless RAD Airmux 200 
Long range up to 80 km (50 miles) with the RAD Airmux 200 
RAD Airmux 200 offers enhanced security mechanisms  
V.35, X.21, RS-530 interfaces 
Operation frequencies of the RAD Airmux 200: 
- 5.725–5.580 GHz, compliant with FCC and CAN/CSA regulations 
- 5.5 GHz–5.7 GHz, compliant with ETSI EN-301893 AirMux-200 is a carrier-class, high capacity, affordable multiplexer, connecting E1/T1 and Ethernet networks point-to-point over a wireless link. Compliant with FCC, CAN/CSA and ETSI regulations for licence-exempt transmission, the AirMux-200 operates over 5.725–5.850 GHz bands. Wireless transmission enables enterprises to save the cost of leased lines while eliminating the service provider’s need for deploying fiber, thereby enabling rapid deployment of E1/T1 and Ethernet links at a fraction of the cost.AirMux-200 consists of an indoor and outdoor unit connected by a Cat-5e outdoor Ethernet cable, allowing a maximum distance of 100 meters (328 feet) between the two units. The outdoor unit can be ordered with a 22 dbi integrated antenna or with a connector for an external antenna.

AirMux-200 integrates up to two unframed E1 or T1 ports and an Ethernet port for a total air interface throughput of 48 Mbps. This is equivalent to a net payload throughput of up to 16 Mbps full duplex. The maximum range of the AirMux-200 is 80 km (50 miles). Throughput is a function of the distance.

An integrated 10/100BaseT Ethernet bridge transparently forwards VLAN frames and learns up to 2,000 MAC addresses. The accurate E1/T1 clock recovery, low round trip delay and high link availability position the AirMux-200 as a carrier-class wireless transmission system.

AirMux-200 incorporates safeguards to secure the wireless transmission against possible attack. The advanced encryption standard (AES) and dynamic encryption key change are aimed to prevent unauthorized eavesdropping. These mechanisms, together with a coded time stamp (CCM), prevent false transmission from an intruding terminal. The network management system and the equipment are protected by a password and a challenge/response scheme.

An AirMux-200 link can be managed by a Windows-based application supplied with the device. RADview SNMP fault management can be ordered in cases where many links are deployed and managed from a central platform. All parameter configurations are link-based, simplifying maintenance and installation.

AirMux-200 is a perfect solution for connecting remote enterprise locations, cellular backhaul, broadband Last Mile services and hotspot backhauling.  

Airmux-200 wireless application

RAD Airmux 200 Kits for T1s and Ethernet. These kits contain the components for both sides of a wireless link.

AIRMUX-200/F24F/115/UTP/2T1/50/KIT Airmux-200 kit,
AIRMUX-200/F58/115/UTP/50/KIT Airmux-200 kit, 5.8GHz, FE, 50m

AIRMUX-200/F24F/115/UTP/50/KIT Airmux-200 kit, 

AIRMUX-200/F58/115/UTP/100/KIT Airmux-200 kit, 5.8GHz, FE,

AIRMUX-200/F58/115/UTP/2T1/100/KIT Airmux-200 kit, 5.8GHz, 

AIRMUX-200/F58/115/UTP/2T1/50/KIT Airmux-200 kit, 5.8GHz, FE,

AIRMUX-200/F58/115/UTP/KIT Airmux-200 kit, 5.8GHz, Fast 

AIRMUX-200/F58/115/UTP/T1/100/KIT Airmux-200 kit, 5.8GHz, FE, 

AIRMUX-200/F58/115/UTP/T1/50/KIT Airmux-200 kit, 5.8GHz, FE, 

AIRMUX-200/F58/115/UTP/T1/KIT Airmux-200 kit, 5.8GHz, FE, T1
AIRMUX-200/F58/EXT/115/UTP/2T1/50/KIT Airmux-200 basic

RAD Airmux 200 E1 kits for 115 VAC operation:

AIRMUX-200/F58/115/UTP/2E1/50/KIT Airmux-200 kit, 5.8GHz, FE,
AIRMUX-200/F58/115/UTP/2E1/100/KIT Airmux-200 kit, 5.8GHz,  
AIRMUX-200/F58/115/UTP/E1/100/KIT Airmux-200 kit, 5.8GHz, FE, 

AIRMUX-200/F58/115/UTP/E1/50/KIT Airmux-200 kit, 5.8GHz, FE, 

AIRMUX-200/F58/115/UTP/E1/KIT Airmux-200 kit, 5.8GHz, FE, E1

RAD Airmux 200 kits for 230 VAC operation

AIRMUX-200/F58/230/UTP/100/KIT Airmux-200 kit, 5.8GHz, FE,
AIRMUX-200/F58/230/UTP/2E1/100/KIT Airmux-200 kit, 5.8GHz, 

AIRMUX-200/F58/230/UTP/2E1/50/KIT Airmux-200 kit, 5.8GHz, FE, 

AIRMUX-200/F58/230/UTP/2E1/KIT Airmux-200 kit, 5.8GHz, FE, 2E1
AIRMUX-200/F58/230/UTP/50/KIT Airmux-200 kit, 5.8GHz,50m 

AIRMUX-200/F58/230/UTP/E1/100/KIT Airmux-200 kit, 5.8GHz, FE, 

AIRMUX-200/F58/230/UTP/E1/50/KIT Airmux-200 kit, 5.8GHz, FE, 

AIRMUX-200/F58/230/UTP/KIT Airmux-200 kit, 5.8GHz, FE, 115
AIRMUX-200/F58/EXT/230/UTP/2E1/50/KIT Airmux-200 basic

RAD Airmux 200 indoor component choices for 115 VAC operation:

AIRMUX-200/IDU/115/2UTP/4E1 Airmux carrier class indoor unit,
AIRMUX-200/IDU/115/2UTP/4T1 Airmux carrier class indoor unit, 

AIRMUX-200/IDU/115/UTP Airmux indoor unit,115, UTP
AIRMUX-200/IDU/115/UTP/2E1 Airmux indoor unit,115, UTP, Two 

AIRMUX-200/IDU/115/UTP/2T1 Airmux indoor unit,115, UTP, TWO 

AIRMUX-200/IDU/115/UTP/E1 Airmux indoor unit,115, UTP, E1 PORT
AIRMUX-200/IDU/115/UTP/T1 Airmux indoor unit,115, UTP, T1 PORT

RAD Airmux 200 indoor component choices for 230 VAC operation:

AIRMUX-200/IDU/230/UTP Airmux indoor unit,230, UTP  

AIRMUX-200/IDU/230/UTP/2T1 Airmux indoor unit,230, UTP, TWO 

AIRMUX-200/IDU/230/UTP/E1 Airmux indoor unit,230, UTP, E1 PORT
AIRMUX-200/IDU/230/UTP/T1 Airmux indoor unit,230, UTP, T1 PORT

RAD Airmux 200 outdoor component choices:

AIRMUX-200/ODU/F24F Airmux-200 out door unit, 5.4Ghz frequency  
AIRMUX-200/ODU/F24F/EXT Airmux-200 out door unit for external 

AIRMUX-200/ODU/F53F   Airmux-200 out door unit, 5.3Ghz 

AIRMUX-200/ODU/F53F/EXT Airmux-200 out door unit for external 

AIRMUX-200/ODU/F58 Airmux-200 out door unit, 5.7-5.8Ghz 

AIRMUX-200/ODU/F58/EXT Airmux-200 out door unit for external

RAD Airmux 200 antennas:

AIRMUX-ANT/28DBI AirMux 28dbi external Antenna 2 foot
Airmux-ANT/24/2.4/db/grid 24 dbi grid ant. for 2.4GHz 
Airmux-ANT/32/5.8/db/dish 32 dbi dish antenna for 5.8GHz 

RAD Airmux 200 Cables:


Airmux-200 data sheet (pdf  341kb)

Airmux-200 operations manual ( pdf 2,744 kb)

Airmux Link Budget Calculator

Horizon calculator

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