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Airmux-400L (Lite) 

Airmux-400L (Lite) Airmux-400L/ODU/F50F/EMB from RAD

Airmux-400L (Airmux-400 Lite Airmux-400L/ODU/F50F/EMB) is a carrier-class radio supporting the 5.x GHz bands and
complying with FCC, IC (Canada) regulations (factory default: 5.8 GHz FCC/IC).

The multi-band radio is part of the Airmux-400L (Lite, Airmux-400L/ODU/F50F/EMB ) series that delivers highest capacity and
extended range for carrier’s backhaul needs.

Packing native TDM and Ethernet over a single wireless link, the Airmux-400L series provides 50 Mbps net aggregate throughput (up to 8T1/E1 plus Ethernet) at a range of up to 75 miles / 120 km.

Airmux-400L/ODU/F50F/EMB includes an embedded antenna and connectors for use with external antennas, offering a single Small Form Factor radio configuration.

Airmux-400L (  Airmux-400L/ODU/F50F/EMB ) Product Highlights:
· 50 Mbps Ethernet net throughput and up to 8T1/E1
· Native TDM transport
· Single Small Form Factor with embedded antenna and connectorized for external antenna
· Long range – up to 75 miles / 120 km
· Adaptive asymmetric throughput – dynamic allocation between uplink and downlink
· Single radio supporting multiple bands 5.x GHz
· Advanced MIMO, OFDM and Diversity technologies
· Robust and reliable to operate in tough conditions, extreme temperatures and non-line-of-sight scenarios

Specifications for Airmux-400L (Lite) Airmux-400L/ODU/F50F/EMB from RAD

Supported bands for Airmux-400L (Lite) Airmux-400L/ODU/F50F/EMB from RAD

 RAD Airmux-400L (Lite) Airmux-400L/ODU/F50F/EMB, mechanical, power, environmental

RAD Airmux-400L (Lite) Airmux-400L/ODU/F50F/EMB Ethernet microwave

Airmux-400L data sheet (pdf)

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