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ASMi-54LRT SHDSL.bis Modem with Integrated Router  

SHDSL.bis IP router transporting Ethernet and E1 traffic at high speed over copper links

RAD ASMi-54LRT SHDSL.bis Modem with Integrated Router

ASMi-54LRT is a cost-effective, dedicated managed SHDSL.bis router that extends the range of high-speed services over existing copper pairs. The RAD ASMi-54LRT router is used for Ethernet and E1 service extension at rates of up to 22.8 Mbps using bonding technology.
Using TC-PAM 16 or TC-PAM 32 line coding SHDSL.bis technology, the router can operate in full-duplex mode over 2/4/8-wire lines at data rates of up to 5.7/11.4/22.8 Mbps.

The SHDSL line features TPS-TC framing 64/65o for EFM (IEEE802.3) and HDLC (G.991.2) encapsulation.
ASMi-54LRT performs line probing according to G.991.2. When enabled, the DSL interface adapts its rate to the condition of the line (noise, loop attenuation, etc.). When disabled, the DSL line operates at a fixed rate selected by the user. The RAD ASMi-54LRT can operate as a CO device or a CPE device according to user configuration.

EFM BONDING using the ASMi-54LRT
EFM bonding on the Ethernet interface ensures that a failure or addition of a link does not drop the traffic being transmitted over the other wires in the group. The capacity of the group does not decrease when a new link is added at a lower rate.

ASMi-54LRT features QoS mechanisms to ensure that sudden drop in connectivity speed is taken into account when prioritizing and transmitting real time service-related data packets. In router mode DSCP (Differentiated Services Code Point) method is available for packet prioritization. DSCP enhances best effort internet services by differentiating traffic by users, service requirements and other criteria.

In bridge mode the following methods are available for packet prioritization:
• 802.1p (VLAN) priority
• Per Port priority – enable priority per ETH port.
These schemes allow users to define different QoS levels according to application requirements.

The RAD ASMi-54LRT modem implements the IEEE's 802.1q standards to provide VLAN-tagging with four levels of prioritization, enabling carriers to offer differentiated Ethernet services. VLAN tagging can also be employed for separating traffic, ensuring transparency of the customer traffic and bolstering security of management traffic. The user can activate or deactivate the priority mechanism, and each priority (VLAN priority, DSCP or per port) can be mapped to one of four priority queues.
ASMi-54LRT being used in a point to point application

The internal forwarding of Ethernet traffic can be configured in two ways:
• By specifying the ports (a mode identified as unaware in accordance with Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) standards). In this mode, all the Ethernet traffic reaching one of the ports is forwarded to the other port, and vice versa
• By using VLANs for classification: (a mode identified as aware in accordance with Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) standards). In this mode, Ethernet traffic reaching one of the ports is forwarded to another port in accordance with its VLAN identifier.
Specific rate limitation can be applied per port.

ASMi-54LRT incorporates a bridge or built-in router for secure and efficient Layer-3 IP connectivity over packet switched networks.
ASMi-54LRT can be set to use static or dynamic routing. Dynamic (NAPT) routing automatically adjusts packet routes over the network from LAN to WAN, whereas static (NAT) routing specifies a fixed routing path from LAN to WAN to enable access to servers in the Local Area Network.

The network connection can be configured as one of three types: DMZ (enabling access to the public servers), WAN, or LAN.

The router features three IP interfaces:
• WAN on the SHDSL link,
• LAN on ETH-1, ETH-2 and ETH-3 links
• DMZ on ETH-4 link.

The device uses dynamic NAPT to map multiple LAN IP addresses to a single public IP address, so that outgoing LAN traffic appears to originate from a single device – the ASMi-54LRT. Additionally, the device performs bidirectional NAT (maps a private single host IP address on the LAN to a single public IP address on the WAN subnet) for opening private IP services to the public network.

Point to multi-point application of the ASMi-54LRT

Firewall of the RAD ASMi-54LRT
A Solid Firewall™ protection for the LAN and the DMZ sub-network, provides security against unauthorized network access, including malicious denial of service (DoS) and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.
Protective measures include rate limiting for ingress packets of vulnerable types .

ASMi-54LRT integrates IPSEC VPN capabilities. This allows establishing a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for connection of branch offices using data encryption through the Internet from the LAN interface.

The ASMi-54LRT unit can be managed using the following connections:
• Local RS-232 terminal
• Telnet server, SNMP (Ver.1)
• Web server
• Inband management with or without dedicated VLAN.

Up to eight SHDSL repeaters can be installed in line to increase the operation range of E1- and Ethernet-based modems.

ASMi-54LRT is available with several power supply options:
• AC/DC wide range (100 to 240 VAC, -48 to -60 VDC nominal)
• 24 VDC.

The modem is encased in a compact half-19” plastic enclosure that can be mounted alone or in pairs in a 19-inch rack using RAD’s optional rack mount kits (see Ordering). The modem is available in extended temperature versions (by special request).

ASMi-54LRT product data sheet (pdf)


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