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ETX-2 Carrier Ethernet Demarcation 

Key features of the RAD ETX-2 family of products include:
Feature-rich demarcation and aggregation suite, offering a complete Service Assured Access (SAA) solution
• Ideal for carriers, wholesalers and mobile operators, seeking to deliver and monitor SLA-based MEF-certified Carrier Ethernet 2.0 and TDM-over-packet services
• Versatile offering of multi-rate Ethernet over fiber, SHDSL and TDM, assuring unified service delivery over any access technology
• Hardware-based OAM and diagnostics for scalable and accurate traffic monitoring, quick fault detection and troubleshooting
• Wide-range product offering for increased revenue and reduced TCO
RAD ETX-2 family including ETX-203AX, ETX-203AM, ETX-205A and ETX-220A
The ETX-2 Carrier Ethernet demarcation device, together with the ETX-5 Carrier Ethernet aggregation platform, are the main components of RAD’s Service Assured Access solution, providing:
• Ethernet service uniformity over multiple access technologies including GbE and 10GbE, SHDSL, PDH, and SDH
• Operation in diverse topologies including ring, daisy chain, and hub and spoke
• PW functionality for mobile backhauling and business services
• Synchronization for mobile 2G, 3G, LTE, and LTE-A backhauling networks.

RAD ETX-2 devices can be ordered in different hardware flavors (ETX203AM, ETX203AX, ETX205A, and ETX220A). Table 1 of the data sheet provides further information on the capabilities offered by each flavor. 

Looking at all of the options can be overwhelming so we have created this ETX-2 selection assistance tool

ETX-2 is ideal for carriers, service providers, wholesale providers, and mobile operators seeking to offer unified SLA-based Ethernet business services, such as Ethernet Private Line (EPL), Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL), and bridged E-LAN for enterprise and carrier-to-carrier applications as well as mobile backhauling applications.

ETX-2 supports several network topologies such as linear, daisy chain, and self-healing rings (G.8032v2), working opposite ETX-5 or third-party Ethernet devices.

ETX-2 incorporates a complete set of CE 2.0-certified Ethernet service tools that allow the service provider to distinguish between high- and low-priority traffic, and to optimize TCP sessions.

ETX-2 provides two-rate three-color policers, and delivers true multi-CoS with hierarchical traffic management. Additionally, it supports advanced scheduling, WRED per CoS, shaping per EVC, and flexible classification rules.

ETX-2 Services
ETX-2 delivers E-Line (EVL, EVPL), E-LAN (EPLAN, EVPLAN), and E-Tree (EP-TREE, EVP-TREE) services.

End-To-End Service Assurance with the ETX-2
ETX-2 provides wire-speed Ethernet OAM with delay measurements at line rate. Furthermore ETX-2 offers service activation tools such as RFC-2544/Y.1564 testers.

RAD ETX-2 Layer-2 Control Processing Features
ETX-2 can be configured to forward Layer-2 control frames (including other vendors’ L2CP frames), with optional MAC change, across the network or to peer supported protocols (IEEE 802.3 2005 and LACP), or to discard the L2CP frames.

ETX-2 features a wire-speed router with Virtual Routing Instances (VRF), allowing service providers to deploy L2 and L3 VPNs.

ETX-2 transports Ethernet over PDH infrastructure via the following NG-PDH technologies:
• Generic Framing Procedure (GFP G.7041)
• GFP o PDH (G.8040)
• PDH Virtual Concatenation (VCAT G.7043)
• Link Capacity Adjustment Scheme (VCAT G.7042).
NG-PDH solutions improve overall network availability by reducing latency and optimizing line utilization and throughput. Integrated management of MiRICi and MiTOP smart SFPs provides TDM (E1/T1/E3/T3/ OC-3/STM-1) connectivity over PDH or SDH legacy networks.

ETX-2 provides E1/T1 pseudowire (PW) services via 4 or 8 integrated interfaces, as well as via a smart SFP (MiTOP). The PWs can be encapsulated using CESoPSN per IETF RFC 5086 or SAToP per IETF RFC 4553. The PWs are transmitted over IP networks or L2 networks with UDP/IP or MEF-8 encapsulation.

ETX-2 offers fast protection for virtually any kind of failure and in any linear, ring, or dual-homed topology. The device employs IEEE 802.3ad link aggregation (LAG), ITU-T G.8032v2 Ethernet ring protection, and ITU-T G.8031 Ethernet linear protection to ensure continuous availability and sub-50ms restoration in the event of network outages.

ETX-2 incorporates RAD’s advanced SyncTop synchronization and timing over packet feature set to support mobile heterogeneous network (HetNet) topology.

One of many applications for the ETX-2 family of products
The ETX-2 device combines Synchronous Ethernet (SyncE) per ITU-T G.8261-G.8264 with IEEE 1588v2 Precision Time Protocol for cost-effective synchronization of frequency and phase.

ETX-2 provides RAD’s Distributed GMTM, a distributed 1588v2 Grandmaster with integrated GPS receiver that allows mobile operators and service providers to provide a high level of frequency and phase accuracy for LTE-A. The device also supports 1588v2 slave clock, boundary clock (BC), and transparent clock (TC).

The device can be managed via RADview, RAD’s carrier-class NMS for Windows and Unix, or any SNMP-based management system. ETX-2 supports a variety of access protocols, including CLI over Telnet, SNMPv3, and TFTP.

Security features include SNMPv3, RADIUS (client authentication), TACACS+ (client authentication, authorization, and accounting), SSH, and SFTP.

Access Control Lists (ACL) can also be used to flexibly filter and mark management traffic, enabling service providers to maintain network security by dropping unwanted packets.

Featuring ultra-fast, hardware-powered processing, ETX-2 performs monitoring and diagnostics at high scale and with maximum precision. End-to-end connectivity OAM (IEEE 802.1ag) as well as single-segment OAM (IEEE 802.3-2005) ensure flow-level fault management and performance monitoring, accurate SLA reports, L2 and L3 loopbacks at wire speed, and fast detection of failures for robust protection.

The Performance Management Portal is an SLA assurance system that is part of the RADview management system, enabling real-time monitoring of Ethernet service performance by collecting KPI data from RAD devices.

Digital Diagnostics Monitoring
ETX-2 supports digital diagnostics monitoring (DDM) SFP functions according to SFF-8472, excluding external DDM calibration.


ETX203AX :
ETX203AX/2SFP/4SFP 2 SFP Ethernet ports, 4 empty SFP slots
ETX203AX/2SFP/2UTP2SFP 2 SFP Ethernet ports, 2 UTP Ethernet ports, 2 SFP Ethernet ports
ETX203AX/2SFP/4UTP 2 SFP Ethernet ports, 4 Ethernet UTP ports
ETX203AX/2UTP/4UTP 2 UTP Ethernet ports, 4 Ethernet UTP ports
ETX203AX/1SFP1UTP/4UTP 1 SFP Ethernet slot, 1 UTP Ethernet port, 4 Ethernet UTP ports

ETX203AM/DC/2ETH/2SFP2UTP DC power supply, GbE network module, 2 SFP Ethernet ports, 2 copper Ethernet ports
ETX203AM/AC/GE30/SH4W/4UTP AC power supply, 1 Gbps per port, 30 shaped EVCs, SHDSL 4-wire network module, 4 copper Ethernet ports
ETX203AM/AC/GE30/2ETH/4SFP AC power supply, 1 Gbps per port, 30 shaped EVCs, GbE network module, 4 SFP Ethernet ports
ETX203AM/AC/GE30/8E1T1/4UTP AC power supply, 1 Gbps per port, 30 shaped EVCs, E1/T1 8-port network module, 4 copper Ethernet ports
ETX203AM/AC/4UTP AC power supply, no network module, 4 copper Ethernet ports

ETX205A/AC/19 100–240 VAC, 19" enclosure
ETX205A/AC/19/4E1T1 100–240 VAC, 19" enclosure, 4 E1/T1 ports
ETX205A/AC/19/8E1T1 100–240 VAC, 19" enclosure, 8 E1/T1 ports
ETX205A/AC/19/SYE 100–240 VAC, 19" enclosure, SyncE
ETX205A/AC/19/PTP 100–240 VAC, 19" enclosure, 1588v2 timing and SyncE
ETX205A/AC/19/4E1T1/PTP 100–240 VAC, 19" enclosure, 4 E1/T1 ports, 1588v2 timing and SyncE
ETX205A/AC/19/8E1T1/PTP 100–240 VAC, 19" enclosure, 8 E1/T1 ports, 1588v2 timing and SyncE
ETX205A/AC/19/GPS 100–240 VAC, 19" enclosure, integrated grandmaster and GPS receiver
ETX205A/AC/19/RTR 100–240 VAC, 19" enclosure, integrated 1 Gbps router
Note: All ordering options are available with any combination of AC or DC power supplies.

ETX-220A/AC/2XFP/20S/SYE/ESK AC power supply, 2 XFP 10GbE ports, 20 SFP GbE ports, SyncE, enhanced SW key
ETX-220A/AC/2XFP/10U10S/SYE/ESK AC power supply, 2 XFP 10GbE ports, 10 copper GbE ports, 10 SFP GbE ports, SyncE, enhanced SW key
ETX-220A/AC/3XFP/10S/SYE/ESK AC power supply, 3 XFP 10GbE ports, 10 SFP GbE ports, SyncE, enhanced SW key
ETX-220A/AC/3XFP/10U/SYE/ESK AC power supply, 3 XFP 10GbE ports, 10 copper GbE ports, SyncE, enhanced SW key
ETX-220A/AC/3XFP/10S/PTP/ESK AC power supply, 3 XFP 10GbE ports, 10 copper GbE ports, SyncE, 1588v2, enhanced SW key
ETX-220A/AC/2XFP/20S/SYE/BSK AC power supply, 2 XFP 10GbE ports, 20 SFP GbE ports, SyncE, basic SW key
ETX-220A/AC/2XFP/10U10S/SYE/BSK AC power supply, 2 XFP 10GbE ports, 10 copper GbE ports, 10 SFP GbE ports, SyncE, basic SW key
ETX-220A/AC/3XFP/10S/SYE/BSK AC power supply, 3 XFP 10GbE ports, 10 SFP GbE ports, SyncE, basic SW key
ETX-220A/AC/3XFP/10U/SYE/BSK AC power supply, 3 XFP 10GbE ports, 10 copper GbE ports, SyncE, basic SW key
ETX-220A/AC/3XFP/10S/PTP/BSK AC power supply, 3 XFP 10GbE ports, 10 copper GbE ports, SyncE, 1588v2, basic SW key
Note: All ordering options are available with AC, DC, dual AC (ACR) or dual DC (DCR) power supplies.

ETX-2 selection assistance tool

ETX-2 product data sheet (pdf)

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