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ADTRAN Opti-3 1184001L1, 1184002L3, 1184002L4,  1184003L1, 4184001L1,  4184003L1,  4184001L2,  4184003L2, 4184001L3,  4184003L3 OPTI-3 Multiplexer

OPTI-3 Single OC-3 to Three DS3s

The ADTRAN® OPTI-3 TM sets a new mark for OC-3 multiplexers, delivering three DS3 circuits from a single OC-3 feed. Designed to meet the growing demand for DS3 deployment in today’s economy, the OPTI-3 eliminates the need for expensive SONET multiplexer equipment in terminal mode applications and provides the fullest use of OC-3 capacity. The ADTRAN OPTI-3 is interoperable with other SONET devices complying with GR-253 for easy deployment in new and existing SONET networks. A carrier-class device, the OPTI-3 meets the needs of applications that require extended temperature range operation such as remote terminals. The fully integrated design supports optional redundancy and is easily managed with support for TL1 commands over the Data Communications Channel (DCC). Additional management features include a local craft interface, remote alarm transport via DCC, and alarm reporting to legacy alarm systems. Front panel LEDs conveniently display status information. The OPTI-3 requires only a fraction of the footprint normally needed for optical deployments. The space-saving OPTI-3 occupies standard slots in either a small two rack unit high wallmount chassis (WMC) or one rack unit high rackmount chassis (RMC). The OPTI-3 can also be configured to operate redundantly with optional protection. It can upgrade online from unprotected to protected status. The DS3 BNC coax connectors are located on the rear of the OPTI-3 chassis. This permits easy access to the customer side of the network for a convenient demarcation point, or to extend services to DS3 multiplexer applications. The fiber optics enter the chassis from the front of the unit and terminate on the card with a dual SC connector for simple installation. The unit provides for external auxiliary alarm inputs, and the RMC chassis provides additional alarm outputs for CO alarms.

ADTRAN Opti-3 1184001L1, 1184002L3, 1184002L4,  1184003L1, 4184001L1,  4184003L1,  4184001L2,  4184003L2, 4184001L3,  4184003L3

ADTRAN OPTI-3 Product Features include:

One GR-253 compliant OC-3 port, three DS3 ports

1+1 optical and 1:1 electrical protection, 1+1 SONET Automatic Protection Switch (APS)

Interoperable with industrystandard SONET multiplexers

Two or, with redundancy, four SM fibers at 1310 nm over a 40 km range or 1550 nm over an 80 km range

DS3 signals, channelized/unchannelized

Space-saving wallmount chassis (WMC) or a one rack unit high 19-in. or 23-in. rackmounted chassis (RMC)

Single card, hot swappable solution increases reliability and reduces cost

Management functions over the DCC, TL-1 (including GNE), and SNMP

Local craft port interface for local management and Telnet for remote menu operation

Telcordia OSMINE compliant and NMA (via DCC) supported

Alarm history

Management of subtended units via IP/DCC

NEBS Level 3 compliant

Industry-leading 10-year warranty

Equipment Part #
OPTI-3 wallmount chassis 1184001L1
OPTI-3 card (1310 nm) 1184002L3
OPTI-3 card (1550 nm) 1184002L4
OPTI-3 19-in. or 23-in. rackmount chassis 1184003L1

Bundle part #
WMC OPTI-3 with redundancy 4184001L1
RMC OPTI-3 with redundancy 4184003L1
WMC OPTI-3 no redundancy 4184001L2
RMC OPTI-3 no redundancy 4184003L2
WMC OPTI-3 with redundancy and
battery backup 4184001L3
RMC OPTI-3 with redundancy and battery backup 4184003L3

Product data sheet for ADTRAN OPTI-3 (pdf)


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