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Adtran NetVanta 4305 Chassis

The Adtran NetVanta 4305 is an access router designed for cost-effective Internet access, corporate Frame Relay, point-to-point connectivity, and Virtual Private Networking (VPN) for large-bandwidth applications supporting up to eight T1s worth of performance. Residing in a 1U high, 19" rackmountable metal enclosure, the NetVanta 4305 is a single platform that offers three interface slots and two 10/100Base-T Ethernet LAN ports for true LAN segmentation or DMZ applications. Initially, the NetVanta 4305 will house a variety of Network Interface Modules (NIMs) and includes a Stateful Inspection Firewall, QoS for delay sensative traffic like VoIP, NAT and DHCP, and all managed with a familiar Command Line Interface (CLI).
Three-slot, dual-Ethernet IP access router for Frame Relay, PPP, PPPoE, and Multilink PPP networks
Dual auto-sensing 10/100Base-T interfaces support LAN segmentation or DMZ applications
Interchangeable Network Interface Modules (NIMs): 56/64K, T1/FT1, T1/FT1 with DSX-1, Dual T1, E1/FE1, E1/FE1 with G.703, ADSL, Serial, and an Octal T1 Wide Module.
Based on feature-rich ADTRAN Operating System (OS)
Standards-based BGP, OSPF, RIP, static routing, and bridging protocols
Integral stateful inspection firewall protects against Denial of Service (DoS) attacks
QoS using Low Latency and Weighted Fair Queuing
DiffServ marking or packet recognition
Frame Relay Fragmentation to avoid latency
Easily recognizable Command Line Interface (CLI)
802.1Q VLAN trunking and inter-VLAN routing
Network Address Translation (NAT/NAPT) for IP concealment
NAT-compliant SIP ALG
DHCP client, server, and relay for IP address assignment
XAUTH including RADIUS and RSA SecurID for user administration
Optional IPSec VPN upgrade supporting 1,000 tunnels and DES/3DES/AES encryption
Compatible with ADTRAN's VPN-equipped NetVanta models and other IPSec-compliant appliances
1U, 19-inch rackmount metal enclosure
1.75 H, 17.25 W, 11" D
Auto-ranging power (100-250 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 325 watts)

Adtran NetVanta 4305 part numbers:

1200843L1 Adtran Octal T1 Wide Module 
1200890L2 Adtran NetVanta 4305 Chassis 
4200368L2 Adtran Enhanced Feature Pack Upgrade 
4200890L2 Adtran NetVanta 4305 Chassis w/ Enhanced Feature Pack 
4200893L1 Adtran NetVanta 4305 w/ Octal T1 Wide Module 

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