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Adtran NetVanta 2050
IPSec VPN tunneling with DES/3DES encryption
Stateful inspection firewall security with the Adtran NetVanta 2050
Internet Key Exchange (IKE) for key management
Internal router in the Adtran NetVanta 2050
Network Address Translation
Built-in alert and logging mechanisms for messaging and mail services
Web-based GUI or Command Line Interface (CLI) remote managment
10/100BaseT Ethernet interface for flexible connectivity
Limited to 15 concurrent users using the Firewall
Up to 5 private encryption tunnels
Supports over 2 Mbps of 3DES encryption
Five year North American Warranty


1200360L1#10 Adtran NetVanta VPN Client (10 Users) 
1200360L1#100 Adtran NetVanta VPN Client (100 Users) 
1200360L1#5 Adtran NetVanta VPN Client (5 Users) 
1200360L1#50 Adtran NetVanta VPN Client (50 Users) 
1202362L1 Adtran NetVanta 2050, 2nd GEN, SFP 
1202362L2 Adtran NetVanta 2050, 2nd GEN, EFP 
1950362L2 Adtran NetVanta 2050/2054 Enhanced Feature Pack Firmware Upgrade 

NetVanta 2050 / NetVanta 2054 data sheet (pdf 883 k)


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