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ADTRAN TSU 600 1202076L2, 1202076L2#DC and TSU 600e 120276L1, 1202076L1# DC Adtran MX408e Pseudowire Gateway 

MX408e Pseudowire Gateway Low-profile, High-density PWE3 Solution

Adtran MX408e Product Features include:

High capacity delivering up to eight T1 or E1 circuits over packet-switched networks
Increased service support via fractional T1/E1 delivery
Flexible implementation due to standards-based Circuit Emulation Services delivering
both SAToP and CESoPSN for bandwidth efficiency and application flexibility respectively.
Carrier-grade TDM delivery over best-effort packet networks provided by adaptive timing recovery
TDM voice quality preserved through automatic jitter buffer management and support for BITS clock input
Prioritizes voice traffic through VLAN tagging and priority labeling
Supports remote management through an intuitive CLI interface, ADTRAN Total Access EMS, or SNMP
Configurable Pseudowire payload length for tuning of bandwidth and latency
Industry leading ten-year warranty

ADTRAN MX408e allows Migration to IP/Ethernet

ADTRAN MX408e allows Migration to IP/Ethernet
The prevalence of new Ethernet delivered services requires increased investment in new packet networks. Customers demand the continued support of non-Ethernet services such as TDM voice and data which raises a concern regarding the cost impact of supporting two networks — one IP and one TDM-based. With the ADTRAN® MX408e Pseudowire Gateway, Ethernet service delivery is consolidated onto a single multi-service network supporting the delivery of cost effective broadband service and legacy service revenue streams. ADTRAN’s pseudowire solution reduces operational costs by retiring expensive TDM leased lines.

Evolution to IP Backhaul with the ADTRAN MX408e
Service Providers are constantly looking for ways to drive down the operating costs of delivering both new broadband and legacy voice services. As Triple Play, 1xEV-DO, PON, HSPA, and IP Multimedia Subsystems (IMS), drive the transformation of both the access and core networks to IP, the backhaul network that resides between must keep pace. Since it is difficult to scale TDM backhaul as bandwidth needs grow, long-term profitability is not viable with TDM-based backhaul.

MX408e Pseudowire Extends the Value of Ethernet Access
ADTRAN Pseudowire Ethernet solutions enable the consolidation of service delivery onto a single network. Operational costs can be significantly reduced by retiring expensive TDM leased lines and consolidating broadband and TDM voice services onto a single Ethernet network. In many cases, ADTRAN Pseudowire solutions can offer a six month Return On Investment (ROI).

ADTRAN MX408e product data sheet (pdf)

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