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Atlas 890

Adtran Atlas 890 Highlights
The Adtran Atlas 890 functions as a multi-T1 or T3 IAD, 3/1/0 DACS, ISDN switch, IP router, and Frame Relay concentrator/switch. 
Up to 64 T1/PRI ports are supported by the Atlas 890.
Maximum backplane bandwidth of the Atlas 890 for TDM applications is 30 T1s through the chassis.
Atlas 890 switchboard supports circuit switching applications such as intelligent call routing , overbooking and least-cost routing based on phone numbers in dial plan. 
The Adtran Atlas 890 supports switched PRI delivered over T3.
The Adtran Atlas 890 supports E1, PRA, and BRI S/T interfaces for global applications 
Net-3 and Net-5 Euro-ISDN protocols supported are also supported by the Adtran Atlas 890.
A fully redundant AC Atlas 890 system provides 13 expansion slots. 
A fully redundant DC Adtran Atlas 890 system provides 15 expansion slots.
The system controller of the Adtran Atlas 890 includes 10/100BaseT Ethernet interface for SNMP/Telnet management and IP routing 
The Adtran Atlas 890 includes Frame Relay, PPP, and IP routing 
The Adtran Atlas 890 includes IP router software with support for PPP and Frame Relay Layer 2 protocols 
All ATLAS 800 Series modules are accepted by the Adtran Atlas 890. 
Optional redundant system controller and power supply can provide full system redundancy in the Atlas 890.

Atlas 890 base units

4200321L1 Adtran ATLAS 890 AC Non-Redundant System 
4200321L2 Adtran ATLAS 890 AC Redundant System 
4200321L3 Adtran ATLAS 890 DC Non-Redundant System 
4200321L4 Adtran ATLAS 890 DC Redundant System 

Atlas 890 items for redundancy

1200322L1 Adtran ATLAS 890 System Controller 
1200344L1 Adtran ATLAS 890 AC Power Supply 
1200345L1 Adtran ATLAS 890 DC Power Supply 

Atlas 890 modules

1200182L1 Adtran Async-232 Module 
1200184L1 Adtran Quad Nx 56/64 V.35 Module 
1200185L3 Adtran Quad T1/PRI Module 
1200186L2 Adtran Octal BRI/ U Module 
1200220L1 Adtran ATLAS 830 Redundant AC Power Supply 
1200221L1 Adtran 8-Channel Voice Compression Module 
1200221L2 Adtran 16-Channel Voice Compression Module 
1200221L3 Adtran 24-Channel Voice Compression Module 
1200221L4 Adtran 32-Channel Voice Compression Module 
1200222L1 Adtran HDLC Module 
1200223L1 Adtran T3 Module 
1200224L1 Adtran ATLAS 830 Spare Main AC Power Supply 
1200225L1 Adtran T3 Module, D&I 
1200229L1 Adtran ATLAS 830 Spare Main DC Power Supply 
1200262L1 Adtran Nx56/64 BONDING Module 
1200316L1 Adtran ATLAS 830 Redundant DC Power Supply 
1200338L1 Adtran ATLAS 800 Series Octal FXS Module 
1200343L1 Adtran ATLAS 800 Series Octal S/T BRI 
1200771L1 Adtran ATLAS 800 Series NxT1 HSSI/V.35 Module 
1200774L1 Adtran ATLAS Video V.35 Cable 
1200774L3 Adtran ATLAS Video RS-449 Cable 
1200775L1 Adtran ATLAS 830 23" Rack Adapter Kit 
1200782L1 Adtran Modem-24 Module 
1200784L1 Adtran ATLAS 800 Series Dual V.35 Cable 
4200261L1 Adtran RS-449/V.36, Quad USSI Module 
4200261L2 Adtran EIA-530, Quad USSI Module 
4200261L3 Adtran X.21/V.11, Quad USSI Module 
4200261L4 Adtran EIA-232, Quad USSI Module 
4200773L1 Adtran ATLAS 800 Series Dual V.35 Video Module 
4200773L2 Adtran ATLAS 800 Series Dual EIA-530 Video Module 
4200773L3 Adtran ATLAS 800 Series Dual RS-449 Video Module

Adtran Atlas 890 data sheet (pdf 786k)

Adtran Atlas 800 Quad T1 module data sheet (pdf 214k)

Adtran Atlas 800 T3 module data sheet (pdf 220k)


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