Megaplex-4100 ( MP-4 ) by RAD/ RAD Megaplex - MP-4 for both your new and old DACS applications

RAD MP-4 Next Generation Multiservice Access Node

RAD MP-4 - Megaplex 4100 - RAD MP-4 for both your new and old DACS applications - Call: 727-398-5252 Your Best DataCom Source for Megaplex 4100 - MP-4 MEF CE2 RAD Megaplex 4104 - possilble alternative for DNX-11

Applications include: Utilities and Transportation

Megaplex-4100 ( MP-4 ) by RAD/ RAD MP-4 Megaplex for both your new and old DACS applications


The RAD Megaplex-4 ( MP-4) can do many things beyond the capabilities of the traditional DACS. The RAD MP-4 is more than just a DACS, it is truly a Next Generation Multiservice Access Node.

For the moment, let us focus on a basic traditional DACS application. The application likely has T1s, T3s, system resiliency and an uplink.

MP-4 is used in power utilities

RAD Megaplex-4 ( MP-4) basic facts:

  • 10-slot Megaplex-4100 and a compact 4-slot Megaplex-4104 available
  • Redundant Power supply (AC, DC, HVDC options)
  • Common logic redundancy
  • Up to 160 E1/T1 links in a single MP-4100 chassis
  • Can accommodate multiple single-port T3 interface modules multiplexing up to 28 T1 channels
  • Options for: STM-1/OC-3, STM-4/OC-12, GigE copper and SFP
  • Management Options include: CLI, RADview management and VF orchestration suite, Standalone Shelf View application
  • Stringent security feature set
  • Carrier-class service reliability of the Megaplex-4 ( MP-4) ensures continuous availability and sub-50ms restoration in the event of network outages through system redundancy options, link and path protection schemes and enhanced support for diverse ring topologies.
  • Megaplex-4 offers a future-proof migration path to IP connectivity
  • MEF CE 2.0 certified
  • Central solution aggregating Ethernet and TDM services over fiber/copper
  • Comes with 5 year hardware warranty
  • Outstanding RADCare enhanced levels of support available
  • Megaplex-4 ( MP-4) offers Traffic Duplication

    Traffic Duplication, a unique technology available in Megaplex-4, allows networks with mission-critical applications to enhance reliability and performance. It can be used to minimize delay on critical utility applications (such as Teleprotection) by capitalizing on Carrier Ethernet reduced latency at higher speeds. Mission-critical traffic can be transported over a new Carrier Ethernet network running in parallel with the existing SDH/SONET network, while preparing for future, full service migration.


    Data sheet sheets for:

    Megaplex-4100 / 4104 MP-4
    16 channel T1 module
    8 channel T1 module
    T3 module

  • Teleprotection
  • Teleprotection C37.94 - MP-4100M-VS/6S/C37/UTP Versatile module with 6 serial ports, 2 C37.94 ports and Ethernet port with 10/100 BaseT interface
    Teleprotection module

    See some of what the RAD MP-4 offers beyond just T1 and T3 DACS applications.