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FibroLAN Falcon Multi Service Network Termination Unit (NTU)

 The FibroLAN Falcon is probably the most attractive NTU available in the market. The FibroLAN Falcon's  features like a throughput of up to 16 Gbps, full TDM integration, advanced Carrier Ethernet functionality and comprehensive, standards compliant OAM, in a modestly priced unit make it very attractive.  The FibroLAN Falcon is mainly targeted at businesses that require gigabit services to support high bandwidth applications. 

FibroLAN Falcon

The various models of the Falcon family are optimized for three applications:
NTU for business Ethernet services
NTU for residential FTTB MDUs
Massive backhauling of wireless base stations

These applications offer a great advantage to carriers allowing them to standardize on a single platform that resolves most of their NGN Access needs. Further advantage arises from its ability to operate under different network architectures: point to point, point to multipoint directly connected to any third party edge switch/aggregator, fast recovery ring, ultra-fast switchover for a 1+1 protection link and more. The Falcon SE models support Synchronous Ethernet, allowing robust wireless backhauling and applications requiring precise synchronization. The FibroLAN Falcon connects users to the edge at a BW ranging from 1 to 14Gbps. The Falcon brings a high-end Carrier Ethernet switch functionality at NTU costs. The basic model provides 8 RJ45 ports 10/100/1000T and 4 SFP ports each of them may be user- configured as either UNI port (Copper or fiber) or network port (NNI). Up to six of the SFP ports are PowerLink ports, providing additional, advanced wire speed functionality which can be remotely upgraded. Other models provide up to 8 E1/T1 ports allowing TDM/Ethernet transmission as well as inverse Mux functionality (Ethernet over TDM channels) and 4 additional GbE SFP ports. When deployed in conjunction with FibroLAN’s MDX series WDM multiplexers, both the Network bandwidth and the number of supported users may be further expanded.

All Falcon devices are packaged in robust 19”/1RU housings that allow the installation of a redundant (AC or DC) Power Supply. The Falcon supports a comprehensive range of management and OAM options:SNMP, CLI, IEEE802.3ah (E-OAM), IEEE802.1ag (E-CFM), ITU-T Y.1731, Web, and Telnet/SSH management; all these facilitate easy deployment and service provisioning within multi-vendor networks with virtually no integration efforts. Depending on configuration, the Falcon is MEF8/MEF9/MEF14 compliant.

Key features of the FibroLAN Falcon include:

16Gbps throughput
Up to 8 OA Network ports
Up to 14 UNI ports
TDM over Ethernet, Ethernet over TDM
8 Gbps trunking (Link Aggregation)
ITU-T G.8031 based Sub 50msec Ring recovery
Ultra-fast (100 μsec) 1+1 link protection
AC or DC hot swappable power supply
Optional Redundant Power Supply 
Link aggregation (static and LACP)
Web based management
Fault Propagation (port and service based)
SFP ports status and diagnostics
IEEE802.3ah (E-OAM)
IEEE802.1ag Ethernet Connectivity Fault • Management (E-CFM)
Authentication: 802.1x (port/MAC based) • RADIUS, TACACS+
ITU-T Y.1731 per service - Performance Monitoring • with hardware based measurements: 1. Proactive loss measurement (automated traps when SLA is violated) 2. Proactive delay measurement (automated traps when SLA is violated for both delay and delay variation)
MEF compliance: MEF8, MEF9 and MEF14 • (EPL, EVPL and E-LAN)
Embedded Copper TDR for easy line fault • location
Jumbo Packets (programmable up to 9.6KB • MTU per port)
Provider Bridging (VLAN Q-in-Q) support
Extensive QOS (Classification/Scheduling/ Rate Limiting)
Per service Accounting

FibroLAN Falcon Multi Service Network Termination Unit (NTU) data sheet (pdf)


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