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FMUX04E 4 E1 / T1 + 3 FE fiber mux

FMUX04E 4 E1 / T1 + 3 FE fiber mux by CTC Union - Call: 727-398-5252 Your Best DataCom Source for FMUX04E from CTC Union

FMUX04E 4E1/T1 +3x FE Fiber Multiplexer from CTC Union

FMUX04E is a  fixed design for 4 x E1 / T1 + Fast Ethernet multi-service to dual strand fiber PDH multiplexer. FMUX04E provides E1 or T1 transmission transparently and pure 100Mbps Fast Ethernet simultaneously. The fiber optic line is based on SFP technology that allows the flexible use of Multimode or Single mode lines and enables support for different wavelengths and distances. The use of bi-directional SFPs maximizes the utilization of fiber optic line and results in saving line costs. The multiplexer can be equipped with optional AC and DC power supplies for redundant operation. With SNMP and Web-based management in the FMUX04E, the administrator can monitor, configure and control the activity remotely.

Application for CTC Union FMUX04E

Features of CTC Union FMUX04E

  • 4 channels unframed E1/T1
  • 3-CH 10/100Base-TX Ethernet
  • Auto MDI/MDIX
  • Auto-Negotiation or Force mode
  • Supports flow control
  • Supports 1552 packets (max)
  • One clear channel RS232 up to 250Kbps(Async)
  • 1+1 fiber protection, less than 50ms
  • Supports Digital Diagnostics Monitoring Interface (DDMI)
  • AIS on signal loss on E1/T1 and fiber port
  • Port based VLAN function
  • Loopback test on E1/T1, RS-232, fiber ports
  • Supports Dying Gasp
  • Supports local or remote In-band management
  • Optional SNMP management
  • Supports Order wire Ear / Microphone port.
  • Supports On-Line F/W upgrade (local or remote) by the SNMP manager
  • Ordering information for CTC union FMUX04E:

    FMUX04E-AC, DC, AD Standalone FOM with built-in AC, DC or AD (AC+DC) Power, optional SNMP
    FMUX04E-SNMP SNMP management card, support web, telnet, SNMP functions

    Note: SNMP option only required in one unit of paired link

    Data sheet for FMUX04E 4 E1 / T1 + 3 x FE Fiber multiplexer (pdf)


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