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RADiflow 3080 ( RF-3080 )Compact Service-Aware Industrial Ethernet Switch

RF-3080 Compact Service-Aware Industrial Ethernet Switch offers a Secure Industrial Ethernet Solution.
RF-3080 Compact Service-Aware Industrial Ethernet Switch
RF-3080 Compact switch with 8x10/100TX + optional 2x100/1000 SFP ports key features:

Advanced Ethernet switching and IP routing feature-set
Application-aware firewall per port
Integrated VPN agent for inter-site connectivity or remote user access
RS-232 port with protocol gateway functionality
Optional cellular 2G/3G modem with 2 SIM cards for operator redundancy
Fit to harsh industrial environment
Combined with the 3030/3070 modular systems for a large-scale network
Supported by RADiFlow industrial service management tool (iSIM)

The RADiFlow Service-aware Industrial Ethernet switches like the RF-3080 combine a ruggedized Ethernet platform with a unique application aware processing engine. As an Industrial Ethernet switch the RADiFlow switches provide a strong packet processing feature-set with a special emphasis on the fit to the mission-critical industrial environment:
- Fit to the harsh environment conditions
- Robust system design ensuring high reliability of the product
- Support for network resiliency schemes to ensure end-to-end high-availability

In addition the RADiFlow RF-3080 switches have unique service-aware capabilities that enable an integrated handling of application-level requirements such as implementation of security measures. Such an integrated solution results in a simple network architecture with an optimized fit to the application requirements.

Smart grid solutions optimize the electricity network by adding distributed mini-generators, enhancing the distributed automation of the grid and dynamically adjusting the power consumption of the consumers. Secondary sub-stations have thus evolved into intelligent distributed sites keeping online communication with the control center. The compact 3080 switch was designed to optimize the network infrastructure of such distributed applications as the smart grid. It is a natural fit for installation at the MV/LV Transformation Sites acting as the secure access point for the Distributed Automation control at these remote sites.

Main Benefits of the RADiflow RF-3080 include :
A compact, industrial design holding a variety of interfaces including cellular.
Secure VPN service for remote sites over the public network.
Unique firewall capabilities to maintain secure networking and validate data collection from smart meters and DA.
Serial interface with protocol gateway for IEC101/IEC 104 and DNP3.

In the modern era national utility infrastructure operators need to connect their remote distributed sites to the SCADA control center.
Such communication between distributed utility sites must be served using highly integrated switches for cost and space savings while ensuring a reliable and secure services. With the RADiFlow 3080 switches you can implement a compact integrated communication center in each site providing:
Fit to the out-door environmental conditions
Compact Ethernet switch with 8x10/100TX ports and 2x100/1000 SFP ports
Optional serial port for connection of legacy user equipment
Optional cellular modem integrated in the switch with 2 SIM cards and usage of encrypted tunnels over the public network
Distributed firewalls throughout the network to isolate the various logical functions and to control the traffic that flows between the sites
VPN agent for secure connection from remote maintenance centers

RAD RF-3080 Compact Service-Aware Industrial Ethernet Switch application

The 3080 switch is a compact switch with 8x10/100TX ports and 2x10/100/1000 SFP ports thus suitable for aggregation of remote
industrial sites with 100M or 1GE uplink. The 3080 switch is designed for installation in harsh industrial applications including DIN-rail mount, IP30 protection level, -40 to +75 operating temperature range with no fans, ATEX class 2 hazardous environment, EMI
immunity according to IEC61850-3, IEEE1613 and EN50121-4, etc.

The RADiflow RF 3080 switches support Ethernet rings according to the ITU-T G.8032 standard. This standard-based ring protection is the preferred method of data-path resiliency ensuring fast failure detection and switchover regardless of the scale of the network. Traditional resiliency protocols such as RSTP and MSTP are also supported for tree-based networks.

In order to use a unified Ethernet network across the factory but still isolate the traffic between different groups of devices, service groups are created using Ethernet VLANs. Such network setup enables the enforcement of quality-of-service and security measures on
each service group regardless of the scale of the network.

The RADiFlow switch contain an integrated firewall on each port, providing a network based distributed security solution equivalent
to the use of personal firewalls on all the industrial systems in the factory.

The firewall implemented in the RADiFlow 3080 switch is "application-aware", meaning that it inspects the contents of the data packets according to the rules of the industrial protocol used. This firewall is operated according to user-defined access-rules for each end-device up to the level of the industrial protocol command parameters.
The RADiFlow 3080 switch also contains a VPN gateway with 2 operation modes: Inter-site connectivity using IPSec tunnels and remote user access using SSH.

For the inter-site VPN the switch uses GRE tunnels over an IPSec encrypted link. The usage of IPSec encryption ensures the
privacy of the link while the usage of GRE tunneling enables the transparent connection of the Ethernet networks sites.

For remote access the switch uses a SSH encrypted tunnel, with user authentication and specific access authorizations. Over the SSH
tunnel any protocol can be redirected in the remote host and the gateway will implement a proxy to securely transfer this protocol to the target device.

The 308x switches also support a RS-232serial interface with serial data tunneling or service gateway to IP-based industrial

The 308x can offer an integrated cellular 2G/3G modem for easy connectivity of remote sites. 2 SIM cards are supported by the
modem to choose between 2 cellular operators based on the dynamic monitoring of their network quality.

The RADiFlow switches are best utilized when operating their network-wide features using the iSIM central management tool without
requiring in-depth IT know-how.

The iSIM presents the network topology in a graphical map view enabling the provisioning of service connections between the industrial
end-devices with detailed security rules. The user configures application-aware security rules for each pair of end-devices starting from
the protocol level and up to the specific parameters of the industrial protocols and the iSIM translates these rules to specific configuration for each switch.
The iSIM also provides several tools for easy operation and monitoring of the network including: Network alarms log, Security
violations log and link utilization statistics.

RADiFlow 3080 Distributed firewall configuration

RADiFlow RF-3080 brochure (pdf)

RADiFlow 3080 product data sheet (pdf) 

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