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FCD-IPM E1/T1 or Fractional E1/T1 Modular Access Device with Integrated Router

FCD-IPM from RAD is an E1/T1 or fractional E1 / T1 IAD. It enables service providers to bundle data, IP, and voice access services  over a single E1 or T1 line (see Figure 1). 
FCD-IPM E1 / T1 Modular unit with Integrated Router from RAD
FCD-IPM features two slots for various modules:
Single or dual sub-E1 / T1 module
4-port or 8-port analog voice module
10/100BaseT 5-port LAN module
Transparent N 64, N 56 data module.

FCD-IPM integrated router supports IP/IPX routing and transparent bridging.
An optional integrated 4-port Ethernet/Fast Ethernet switch can be installed in place of single or dual LAN ports.
A single transparent N 64, N 56 data port enables connecting an external router or other HDLC-based devices.

FCD-IPM supported WAN services are:
T1 or fractional T1 CSU/DSU operating at rates of up to 1.544 Mbps
E1 or fractional E1, with or without LTU, operating at rates of up to 2.048 Mbps
E1 over SHDSL
E1 or T1 over fiber optic links
Frame Relay with auto-learn of DLCI and maintenance protocol
ISDN BRI (U or S interface) for data services backup.

FCD-IPM internet access capabilities are enhanced through:
IP Service Access authentication is provided by PAP/CHAP
Solid Firewall protects an office LAN from undesired entry from the Internet
NAT allows various LAN users to share several legal IP addresses
Single IP address translation allows a small or medium office LAN to connect to the Internet using a single IP address that can be 
allocated in a dynamic or static way
DHCP server allows sharing IP address pools between DHCP clients on the LAN.

FCD-IPM supports up to 12 analog voice channels. 
These channels are PCM-encoded with A-Law or μ-Law. The interface options are:
2-wire FXS for direct connection to telephones
2-wire FXO for direct connection to a PBX extension line
2-wire or 4-wire E&M for connection to PBX tie lines.

The sub- E1 / T1 or analog voice ports provide toll-quality voice transmission.
The fail-safe bypass of the built-in sub- E1 / T1 link ensures the continuity of voice services in case of power supply failures. The 
bypass is not available for the SHDSL or fiber optic main links. ISDN or PSTN backup, using an external dial-up modem, ensures the 
continuity of data services. An optional data port can be utilized as a second serial router port.

FCD-IPM configuration is easily accomplished through a quick setup menu, using a terminal attached to the control port or by Telnet 
access into the device over the LAN / WAN.

FCD-IPM from RAD features a variety of inband and out-of-band management options.
These options include dedicated timeslot, dedicated DLCI and dial-in connectivity.
The SNMP agent provides management by RADview or any other standard SNMP management station.
Undesired access to FCD-IPM via Telnet or SNMP can be blocked or protected by a password.
The dual-level management authentication allows access to router configuration parameters, while restricting access to network 
configuration parameters.
Software download is available via the control port, using XMODEM or via LAN/WAN using TFTP.
Parameter file download and upload is available via LAN or WAN using TFTP.

FCD-IPM E1 / T1 Modular unit with Integrated Router  - Application
FCD-IPM product data sheet (pdf)


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