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Egate-2000 Carrier Ethernet Aggregator for PDH and SDH / SONET

Egate-2000 Carrier Ethernet Aggregator for PDH and SDH / SONET

Key points of the Egate-2000 include:
- Grooming and transporting PDH and SDH/SONET traffic over Gigabit Ethernet
- Fully redundant, carrier class aggregation device with STM-16/OC-48 and multiple GbE interfaces for service resiliency
- MEF-supported services for Ethernet Private Line (EPL), Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL), Ethernet Private LAN (EPLAN) and Ethernet Virtual Private LAN (EVPLAN)
- Enhanced traffic management with multiple priority queues, shapers and hierarchical QoS
- High availability and link resiliency using SDH/SONET and ITU-T G.8032 Ethernet rings

Egate-2000 Carrier Ethernet Aggregator for PDH and SDH / SONET from RAD

Egate-2000 is a high-capacity aggregator that is typically deployed in a central location to groom multiple Ethernet user traffic streams received from remote devices, such as RADís RICi Ethernet NTUs, over channelized STM-16/OC-48 or STM-4/OC-12 links. The aggregated traffic is then transmitted to the PSN over up to Eight GbE links.

Egate-2000 is ideal for Ethernet services, IP DSLAM and WiMAX BTS backhaul applications; it leverages widely available PDH/SDH/SONET infrastructure to deliver carrier-class Ethernet services to sites where native Ethernet is not available.

RAD's Egate-2000 uses next generation Ethernet over PDH/SDH/SONET encapsulation and bonding methods including:
-  Standard generic framing procedure (GFP) per G.8040 and G.7041/Y.1303
-  Virtual concatenation (VCAT) per G.7043 (PDH), G.707 (SDH)
-  Link capacity adjustment scheme (LCAS) per G.7042.

This allows aggregation of both EoPDH and EoSDH/SONET traffic in one device. Egate-2000 features five SDH/SONET
ports configurable to:
-  1xSTM-16/OC-48 and 2xSTM-4/OC-12
-  1xSTM-4/OC-12 and 4xSTM-1/OC-3

Egate-2000 is Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) compliant with MEF 9 and MEF 14 for Ethernet Private Line (EPL), Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL), Ethernet Private LAN (EPLAN) and Ethernet virtual Private LAN (EVPLAN) services.

Egate-2000 aggregates up to:

 - 256 remote LANs over E1 or T1 circuits for NG Ethernet over PDH access devices such as RADís RIC, RICi and MiRICi

- 8 VC-4/STS-3c or 24 VC-3/STS-1  circuits when working with RICi-155GE  and RIC-155L Ethernet over  SDH/SONET access devices 

- Any combination of the above with up  to 504 VC-12 or 672 VT1.5 links 
 Up to 256 VCGs 

Service scalability, small footprint and low  power consumption of the device allow  service providers to reduce equipment  costs significantly and simplify network  operation.
To ensure higher service uptime and  carrier-grade resiliency, Egate-2000  includes fully redundant system cards, line  cards and power supplies. 
Service resiliency is offered via: 
- 802.3ad-based link aggregation and  Ethernet Ring Protection per G.8032 for GbE modules 
- SDH/SONET 1+1 APS for 50 ms  restoration of service in case of line  faults. 

Egate-2000 features advanced traffic  management capabilities: 
- User traffic classification according to  VLAN ID, VLAN priority, DSCP, ToS, or  MAC address, supporting thousands of  Ethernet flows (EVC.CoS) 
Two-rate, three-color traffic policing per CIR/CBS, PIR/PBS bandwidth profiles
-  Hierarchical QoS supporting eight priority queues per EVC with Strict Priority and Weighted Fair Queuing (WFQ) scheduling.

The RAD Egate-2000 performs VLAN-aware bridging (EPLAN and EVPLAN) and VLAN cross connect (EPL and EVPL). In addition it supports IEEE 802.1 Q VLAN tagging, Q-in- Q and jumbo frames.

Comprehensive diagnostic and performance monitoring capabilities include:
- Ping test for checking IP connectivity
- Statistics and alarms for the physical

Ethernet interfaces, SDH/SONET ports, bridge ports, and logical layer. System logs are forwarded to the network according to predefined criteria.

Egate-2000 provides OAM Connectivity Fault Management (CFM) and PerformanceManagement (PM) based on IEEE 802.1ag
and ITU-T Y.1731, enabling Ethernet service providers to monitor their services proactively, measure end-to-end performance, and guarantee that customers receive the contracted SLA.

The RAD Egate-2000 can be managed by a Web browser or RADview, RAD's SNMP-based EMS, using various ports and applications:
- Local management via a local Ethernet port.
- Out-of-band management via a dedicated Fast Ethernet port
- Remote inband management via one of the Gigabit Ethernet ports or DCC.

A dedicated VLAN can be used to secure the management traffic and separate it from user traffic.

The following security mechanisms are
- Ingress L2 ACL profile for filtering frames based on the L2 field
- Storm control for Broadcast, Multicast and DLF (Destination Lookup Failed) per EVC
 Port mirroring for incoming and
outgoing packets
 SSH for secure Web access
RADIUS protocol for password management and user authentication.

RAD Egate-2000 aggregating Ethernet, WiMAX and IP DSLM Backhaul over PDH / SDH / SONET

Product data sheet on the RAD Egate-2000 (pdf)

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