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Airmux-400 Ethernet and TDM radio for point to point applications 

RAD Airmux-400 Point-to-point broadband radio solution for Ethernet and TDM traffic over license-free frequencies.

RAD Airmux-400 wireless radio, TDM, Ethernet

Airmux-400 key points: -
Cost-effective point-to-point encrypted wireless broadband multiplexer
Full duplex user throughput of up to 50 Mbps
Transmission range of up to 75 miles (120 km)
Available in combination of Ethernet and 4, 8, or 16 user TDM ports
Multiband radio enables programmable operating frequency anywhere within 2.4 GHz and
4.9 to 5.8 GHz bands
High reliability and availability based on robust air interface protocol

RAD Airmux-400 General info:
For the global markets of cellular backhaul, WiMAX and ISP backhaul, broadband access, large private and government networks,  the RAD Airmux-400 offers high throughput, longer range and robustness at a competitive price. The Airmux-400ís flexible multiband capability means that a single platform can be programmed to operate anywhere within the 2.4 GHz and 4.9 to 5.8 GHz frequency range. The Airmux-400 complies with all regulations for operation over applicable FCC- and IC- approved frequencies.

Airmux-400 is a carrier-class, point-to-point broadband wireless multiplexer that cost-effectively provides 50-Mbps full duplex user  throughput. With use of an external antenna, it can transport Ethernet and legacy TDM services over distances up to 75 miles. For  shorter distances up to 10 miles the use of an integrated antenna is typically sufficient.*

* Subject to throughput and availability requirements

Airmux-400 Physical configurations
Airmux multiplexers consist of an outdoor unit (ODU), an optional external antenna and an indoor unit (IDU) with redundant DC power 
supplies. The outdoor unit is suitable for mast or wall installation.

RAD Airmux-400 Superior Spectral Efficiency
Airmux-400 provides broadband Ethernet and leased line services, to Small and Medium Enterprises (SME).
Built on advanced MIMO and OFDM technologies, Airmux-400 provides a high-capacity link at channel bandwidth of 20 MHz. This 
guarantees a robust air interface able to withstand strong RF interference and harsh ambient conditions

Security of Airmux-400
Data transmitted over the air interface is encrypted using Advanced Encryption System (AES) with a 128-bit encryption key.

Airmux-400 Adaptive modulation
Airmux-400 adaptively changes the modulation according to air conditions, targeting maximum rate while maintaining link stability. The 
rate drops temporarily after encountering interference, then automatically returns to the highest possible level.

Quality of Service
When the link quality is low, Airmux-400 automatically searches for a clear channel within a pre-selected list of frequencies.
Airmux-400 connects cellular base stations to controllers. This solution meets the requirements of cellular backhaul applications by 
providing Ethernet traffic for maintenance and control.

Short time-to-service with RAD Airmux-400
Because Airmux-400 operates in license-exempt frequencies, it can be deployed in record time, eliminating the costs and delays involved in leasing lines or trenching fiber.

SFP port
The MSA-compatible port accepts SFP-based T3/E3 devices for transmitting 44.736-Mbps (T3) or 34.368-Mbps (E3) data streams over 
its wireless link.

Adaptive Modulation
Airmux-400 adaptively changes the modulation according to air conditions, targeting maximum rate while maintaining link stability. The 
rate drops temporarily after encountering interference, then automatically returns to the highest possible level.

Airmux-400 Management
A single SNMP-based network management application (Airmux Manager) is used to control multiple Airmux-400 and Airmux-200 links 
as a unified network.

VLAN management allows the separation of user traffic from NMS traffic. The user decides if such a separation is required. Both the 
headquarters and remote sites are configured with VLAN management.

Factory settings can be restored at any time for each ODU
Airmux-400 is also offered to enterprises with multiple sites that require a transparent connection of LANs across their various 

Information on links and management can be collected and analyzed via a single action.
Figure 1.

RAD Airmux-400 microwave

RAD Airmux-400 product data sheet (pdf)

Airmux Link Budget Calculator

Horizon calculator

RAD's Airmux-400 carrier-class broadband wireless radio system delivers native Ethernet and TDM services over a single wireless link

RAD's Wireless Airmux Connects the Outback

Broadband Wireless Solution for Ethernet Extension from Medical Headquarters to an Off-Site Branch


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