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Multi-Tech MultiModem ZBA

The MultiModemZBA V.92 business modem supports remote configuration, callback security, as well as dial-up and 2-wire leased line connections making it the modem of choice for business applications. With V.92, the Multi-Tech MultiModem ZBA modem provides an increase in upload speeds and quicker connect times than traditional V.90 modems. Multi-Tech MultiModem ZBA offers V.34/33.6K fax and Error Correction Mode, that reduces fax transmission time by more than half when compared to traditional fax modems. In addition, it is approved for use in many countries around the world. This means one model can ship virtually anywhere.

Benefits of the Multi-Tech MultiModem ZBA include:
Increased upload speeds
Quicker connect times
V.34/33.6K Super G3 Fax
Global approvals

Features of the Multi-Tech MultiModem ZBA:
V.92/56K download speeds and 48K upload speeds when connecting with V.92 servers 
Quick connect feature can cut the time required for a dial-up modem to “handshake” to an ISP or other connection in half
Modem-on-hold feature allows the modem to work in conjunction with call waiting provided by phone company
V.44 compression improves data throughput rates with the Multi-Tech MultiModem ZBA
Class 1.0 and Class 2.1 faxing at speeds to V.34/33.6K bps (Super G3)
Error Correction Mode (ECM) provides fast and reliable fax transmissions
Windows 95/98/Me/2000 Plug-and-Play operation
U.S. Caller ID reporting
Multi-Tech MultiModem ZBA offers remote configuration for centralized setup and control
Callback Security for network security and reduced telephone toll charges
Voice support for voice mail and full duplex speakerphone (voice models only)
Global approvals in many countries for worldwide use
Country localization kits available with power cords, phone cords and telco adapters
Flash memory for easy updates with the Multi-Tech MultiModem ZBA
Ten-year warranty

Multi-Tech MultiModem ZBA

Multi-Tech MultiModem ZBA offers increased Upload Speeds. With the V.92 MultiModemZBA, you can achieve an upload speed of 48K bps (30% increase over V.90 modems). This higher upstream speed reduces data transfer time for large e-mails with attachments and for ftp site uploads, as well as improves operation for interactive applications.

Multi-Tech MultiModem ZBA offers Quick Connect. The MultiModemZBA quick connect feature reduces the dial-up connection time by as much as 50% for a modem to “handshake” to an ISP or other connection.

Multi-Tech MultiModem ZBA offers Modem-on-Hold. The modem-on-hold feature allows the MultiModemZBA to work in conjunction with call waiting provided by the phone company. Users can answer a new phone call for up to 16 minutes without dropping the modem connection. Users are then able to resume surfing the Internet after they terminate the voice call.

Multi-Tech MultiModem ZBA offers V.44 Compression. V.44 is a new data compression standard that will improve the current V.42bis data compression anywhere from 20 to 60 percent, up to as much as 200 percent for certain types of highly compressible data. The compression technique, used by the V.92 MultiModemZBA, enables data throughput rates of higher than 300K bps - much faster than today’s typical rates of 150 - 200K bps. For users, it means that your Web browsing will be much faster.

Multi-Tech MultiModem ZBA offers Enhanced Fax Features. The MultiModemZBA supports V.34 fax and Error Correction Mode providing significant performance and reliability enhancements over previous fax standards. V.34 sends and receives faxes at 33.6K, more than double the speed of the V.17/14.4K fax standard. Error Correction Mode adds reliablility while increasing performance of fax transmissions. Together these enhancements increase the performance of the MultiModemZBA to levels previously only found in more expensive dedicated fax boards and machines.

You have Global Approvals with the Multi-Tech MultiModem ZBA. With the MultiModemZBA, you need just one modem for worldwide use. This model has approvals in many countries so you can ship one SKU (stock unit) virtually anywhere in the world. Localization kits are available for country-specific power cords, phone cords and telco adapters. Go to for details.

Multi-Tech MultiModem ZBA data sheet (pdf)

Multi-Tech MT5634ZBA V.90 Data/Fax Modem
Multi-Tech MT5634ZBA-GLOBAL V.90 Data/Fax
Multi-Tech MT5634ZBA-GLOBAL-EURO V.90
Multi-Tech MT5634ZBA-GLOBAL-NAM V.90
Multi-Tech MT5634ZBA-V-V92 V.92
Multi-Tech MT5634ZBA-V-V92-EURO V.92
Multi-Tech MT5634ZBA-V-V92-NAM V.92
Multi-Tech MT5634ZBA-V92 V.92 Data/Fax
Multi-Tech MT5634ZBA-V92-EURO V.92
Multi-Tech MT5634ZBA-V92-NAM V.92

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