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Multi-Tech RouteFinder

The Multi-Tech RouteFinder gives everyone on your network Internet access with just one modem and one ISP dial-up account. The Multi-Tech RouteFinder features two RS-232 WAN ports so you can connect as many as two external analog modems or ISDN terminal adapters. Or, you can use one WAN port for dial-in remote access. The Multi-Tech RouteFinder also has a built-in 10/100M bps switch to ensure high-speed transmission.

Features of the Multi-Tech RouteFinder
Shared Internet access for up to 253 LAN users over a modem connection and one IP address with the Multi-Tech RouteFinder
Two RS-232 WAN ports connect to analog or ISDN modems available in the Multi-Tech RouteFinder
Built-in 4-port 10/100M bps switch in the Multi-Tech RouteFinder
WAN ports can also be used for dial-in remote access or LAN-to-LAN routing
Load sharing distributes all available bandwidth between active users on the Multi-Tech RouteFinder
Built-in firewall and DHCP services with Network Address Translation (NAT)
Protects your LAN against Denial of Service (DoS) attacks
Internet access control tools provide client and site filtering
Dial-on-demand for Internet services
Multi-Tech RouteFinder supports outbound IPSec and PPTP pass through
Network monitoring via Syslog allows network administrator to view all incoming and outgoing packets, status of connections and specific connection events
IP address mapping/port forwarding
Works with H.323 Voice over IP products including MultiVOIP gateways or Microsoft NetMeeting
Remote configuration and management using any telnet client or Windows GUI
Multi-Tech RouteFinder has a two-year warranty

Multi-Tech RouteFinder data sheet (pdf)

Multi-Tech RF550VPN SOHO Internet
Multi-Tech RF560VPN SOHO Internet
Multi-Tech RF600VPN Internet Security
Multi-Tech RF660VPN Internet Security
Multi-Tech RF760VPN Internet Security
Multi-Tech RFAVUPG Anti-Virus Upgrade for
Multi-Tech RFAVUPG-600 Anti-virus Upgrade
Multi-Tech RFAVUPG-660 Anti-virus Upgrade
Multi-Tech RFAVUPG-760 Anti-virus Upgrade
Multi-Tech RFCFUPG-600 Contact Filtering
Multi-Tech RFCFUPG-660 Content Filtering
Multi-Tech RFIPSC-1 IPSec VPN Client
Multi-Tech RFIPSC-10 IPSec VPN Client
Multi-Tech RFIPSC-5 IPSec VPN Client
Multi-Tech RFIPSC-50 IPSec VPN Client

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