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Multi-Tech MultiMux 

The Multi-Tech MultiMux multiplexer family consolidates up to 32 data channels for transmission over one or two analog, ISDN, or digital lines. This family is ideal for connecting remote office PCs or terminals to a central site legacy system.

Multi-Tech MultiMux Family Features
Support for analog, BRI ISDN, or DDS service
Internal or external modem or DSU connectivity
Automated statistical reporting for network managment and troubleshooting
Local and remote configuration using a terminal or modem with the built-in menus
Diagnostics for testing the components of the network, including loop tests, switch and LED tests, and memory tests
Built-in command modem for remote configuration
Two-year warranty

Multi-Tech MultiMux MMV Series Features: 
Two sync/128K composite links; one link operates at 256K if the other is not used
8 to 32 async/115.2K data ports and one sync 64K or 128K data port
Advanced Priority Statistical Multiplexing™ (APSM) for voice/fax prioritization over data
Two voice/fax ports available
Dynamic Link load balancing and networking passthrough between dual links
FXS, FXO and E&M connectors on each voice/fax channel for direct analog connection to phones, key telephones, PBX extensions or PBX trunks
MultiMux: MMV-Series (pdf)

Multi-Tech MultiMux: MMH-Series Features:
One sync/128K or async/115.2K composite link
Four or eight async/115.2K data channels
MultiMux: MMH-Series (pdf)

Multi-Tech MMH2834 33.6K Modem Card
Multi-Tech MMH428 4-Port Expansion Module
Multi-Tech MMH904Ca 4/8 Port Mux
Multi-Tech MMH904Ca/56 4/8-Port, DSU Mux
Multi-Tech MMH904Ca/IS 4/8-Port, BRI-NT1
Multi-Tech MMH904Ca/V34 4/8-Port, 33.6K
Multi-Tech MMH908Ca 8/8 Port Mux
Multi-Tech MMH908Ca/56 8/8-Port, DSU Mux
Multi-Tech MMH908Ca/IS 8/8-Port, BRI-NT1
Multi-Tech MMH908Ca/V34 8/8-Port, 33.6K
Multi-Tech MMH956K 56K Link DSU Card
Multi-Tech MMH956K/MMV1656K 56K Link DSU
Multi-Tech MMH964IS BRI-NT1 Link Modem
Multi-Tech MMHShelf 19" Equipment
Multi-Tech MMV1608C 8/16-Port Mux
Multi-Tech MMV3216C 16/32-Port Mux
Multi-Tech MMV8216E 8-Port Expansion Card
Multi-Tech MMVShelf 19" Equipment
Multi-Tech MV2 2-Port Voice/Fax Expansion

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