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MultiModemManager Managed Modem Systems

The Multi-Tech MultiModemManager high-density Internet-manageable modem system supports up to 96 enhanced 33.6K modems. The Multi-Tech MultiModemManager is Internet manageable using a Web browser, telnet, SNMP or FTP client or Multi-Tech’s MultiCommManager remote management software.

MultiModemManager Managed Modem Systems Family Features

The Multi-Tech MultiModemManager rackmount chassis supports up to sixteen rack-modem cards
96 V.34/33.6K modem capacity
2-wire, 4-wire, and dial backup standard on leased-line rack-modem cards available for the Multi-Tech MultiModemManager
Class 2 faxing at 14.4K
Callback security, DTMF tone detection, and remote configuration
The Multi-Tech MultiModemManager offers Hot-swappable controller, power supplies, and modems
Multi-Tech MultiCommManager software included for usage/performance analysis, environmental, physical and fault status monitoring over the Internet
Local and remote configuration management using a Web browser, terminal, modem, telnet, ftp, SNMP or bundled Multi-Tech management software
Dual redundant power supply option with universal input
Two-year warranty

MultiModemManager Managed Modem Systems data sheet (pdf)

MultiModemManager Managed Modems data sheet (pdf)

bulletMulti-Tech MMMStarter-E/A -48v/RJ11
bulletMulti-Tech MMMStarter-E/A -48v/RJ21
bulletMulti-Tech MMMStarter-E/A 115v/RJ11
bulletMulti-Tech MMMStarter-E/A 115v/RJ21
bulletMulti-Tech MMMStarter-E/A 230v/RJ11
bulletMulti-Tech MMMStarter-E/A 230v/RJ21
bulletMulti-Tech MR4800E Replacement Controller
bulletMulti-Tech MT2834MR 33.6K Rack Modem x3
bulletMulti-Tech MT2834MR-PSTN 33.6K Rack Modem
bulletMulti-Tech MT2834MR6 33.6K Rack Modem x6
bulletMulti-Tech MT2834MRIe 33.6K Rack Modem x3
bulletMulti-Tech PS4800A 90-245v AC Power Supply
bulletMulti-Tech PS4800A/-48v -48v DC Power

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