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Multi-Tech has Solutions for ...

Remote Access Solutions

Whether you want to provide dial-up remote access to the Ethernet LAN for a handful of users or dial-up access to the Internet for hundreds of users, Multi-Tech Systems has stand-alone and server-based solutions to meet your remote access needs and your budget.

From one to 192 dial-up ports, Multi-Tech solutions support the standard networking environments, such as Windows® NT®, Citrix® WinFrame™ and MetaFrame™, Novell® NetWare®, SCO® Open Server™, and Linux® and are easily managed through a web browser or our user-friendly GUI management applications.

Internet/Intranet Access Solutions

Multi-Tech Internet/intranet solutions are cost-effective solutions for your existing network while providing the benefits of higher performance and easy management capabilities. From our plug and play Internet access servers, to our voice over the Internet gateway, we have simple solutions for your network.

Client Access Solutions

We work with industry leaders to provide the fastest connection speeds possible. But we don’t stop there. We enhance the chipsets we procure. We invest in leading-edge technology development, as our more than 40 patents in DSVD and other technologies attests to. Multi-Tech modem products are approved in countries around the world.

In addition, each Multi-Tech modem is bundled with value-added data/fax communication software and includes free applications, such as a web browser, Internet telephony, and on-line services. Plus, because technology advances so quickly, Multi-Tech modems are flash upgradable, with free upgrades available on our web site.

Multiuser Access Solutions

Multi-Tech’s multiuser access products include voice/data/fax concentrators and multiplexers for connecting remote office PCs and terminals to a central legacy system.


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