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Motorola is a name that has been associated with the data communications before most people even knew what that was. With its roots in the entire electronic arena Motorola offers quality products with years of experience behind them.  Motorola products are backed by a two year warranty.

The pricing shown for the manufacturers listed is kept as current as possible and only shows manufacturers' list price.  It is intended to be used for estimates and is not guaranteed against changes by the manufacturer nor does it reflect your final cost.   For the most current and accurate pricing please call us at 727-398-5252 or fill out and e-mail our "quote request" form. 

Motorola ISDN Terminal Adapters & NT1-D
Motorola Digital Units - 3512
Motorola Digital to 56/64K - MR64, DA56
Motorola Digital to 1.5Mbps - FT100 Series
Motorola Modems - 3000
Motorola Modems - V.3600
Motorola Modems - 32XX
Motorola Modems - 3460
Motorola Nests - MODULUS Series
Motorola Nests - RM16M Universal Shelf
Motorola Nests - 3500 MiniNest
Motorola Nest - 3460 AccessWay
Motorola Network Management - 9000
Motorola Sharing Units - 2185
Motorola Remote VU Video
Motorola Vanguard 100 Family
Motorola Vanguard 200 Family
Motorola Vanguard 305 Family
Motorola Vanguard 305i Family
Motorola Vanguard 310 Family
Motorola Vanguard 320 Family
Motorola Vanguard 6425 Family
Motorola Vanguard 6430 Family
Motorola Vanguard 6450 Family
Motorola Vanguard 6520 Family
Motorola Vanguard 6560 Family
Motorola Vanguard 6560 Cluster Family
Motorola Vanguard 8510 Family
Motorola Vanguard 8550 Family
Motorola 650 Series Product Family
Motorola Vanguard 6500+ FRAME Regional Conc.
Motorola Vanguard 6500 Series Ala Carte
Motorola 6500 Series Cables
Motorola Cable Products

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