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Glossary Section "W" ( Definitions )

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WAIS Wide Area Information Servers. WAIS allows users to search and access different types of information from a single interface. The WAIS protocol is an extension of the ANSI Z39.50 information retrieval protocol.

WAN Wide Area Network

WAP Wireless Access Point

WATS Wide Area Telephone Service

WDM Wavelength Division Multiplexing. A fiber transmission means whereby different colors within a single fiber can carry independent data streams.

Web host A company where your web site resides for connection to the internet, such as Internet Business Services, Inc.

WEP Wired Equivalent Privacy is a type of security for wireless networks.

WFQ Weighted Fair Queues is used to help provide QOS.

White Pages The Internet supports several databases that contain basic information about users, such as e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, and postal addresses. These databases can be searched to get information about particular individuals. Because they function akin to the telephone book, these databases are often referred to as "white pages."

WiFi is a term referring to the 802.11 (a,b,g,n) standards for wireless LANs as set forth by the IEEE.

wink The momentary presence or interruption of a supervisory signal

wink-start signal An off-hook condition generated by CPE equipment that notifies the network that the CPE equipment will be ready to receive when on-hook condition resumes

WISP Wireless Internet Service Provider

WMM Wireless Multi Media

Worm A computer program which replicates itself and is self-propagating. Worms, as opposed to viruses, are meant to spawn in network environments. Network worms were first defined by Shoch & Hupp of Xerox in Communications of the ACM (March 1982). The Internet worm of November 1988 is perhaps the most famous; it successfully propagated itself on over 6,000 systems across the Internet.

WWW World-Wide Web An easy but powerful global information system, based on a combination of information retrieval and hypertext techniques.

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