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Glossary Section "V" ( Definitions )

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V.35 is a balanced, high speed serial interface.  A balanced interface means that there are two leads for each data and clock line. Generally a V.35 port is physically a 34 pin Winchester connector. The V.35 can handle both sync and async data but in practice it is used for sync data. 

V.36 is a physical 37 pin connector frequently used for RS-449 signaling.

VAC Volts of Alternating Current

VAN Value Added Network: generally a packet switched network with access to data bases, protocol conversion, etc.

VBR Variable Bit Rate. A data transmission that can be represented by irregular grouping of bits or cell payloads followed by unused bits or cell payloads. Most applications other than voice circuits generate VBR traffic patterns. VBR is an ATM service type and is divided into Real-Time VBR and non-Real-Time VBR, in which the ATM network guarantees to meet the transmitter's bandwidth and Quality of Service requirements.

VC has two meanings. The most common is Virtual Circuit.  Sometimes VC is used to mean Voice Compression (See RAD Vmux)

VCI Virtual Circuit (or Channel) Identifier; part of a packet/frame address header

VCAT Virtual Concatenation

vCPE Virtual Customer Premises Equipment delivers various services like firewalls, routing and VPN service by using software instead of having dedicated hardware.

VDC Volts of  Direct Current

VCSEL Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser

VDSL Very high rate Digital Subscriber Line. Up to 54 Mbps with a focus on video. Generally has a limited distance (less than 4000 feet) and has limited availability.

Veronica A Gopher utility which effectively searches Gopher servers based on a user's list of keywords. The name was chosen to be a "mate" to another utility named "Archie." It later became an acronym for Very Easy Rodent Oriented Netwide Index to Computer Archives.

VG Voice Grade

VGPL Voice Grade Private Line

virtual circuit A network service which provides connection-oriented service regardless of the underlying network structure.

VLAN is a virtual LAN. In other words, connected devices behave as if they are connected to the same physical wire even thought they may be separated by a WAN connection. VLANs also help to improve network security over the WAN.

VLSI Very Large Scale Integration, putting thousands of transistors on a single chip.

VoIP Voice over IP is a technology to allow voice communications over an IP network.

VPI Virtual Path Identifier. VCI in ETSI version of ATM.

VPN Virtual Private Network. VPN allows IP traffic to travel securely over a public TCP/IP network by encrypting all traffic from one network to another. A VPN uses "tunneling" to encrypt all information at the IP level. One of Delta Communications Group's specialties.

VT Virtual Terminal. The OSI Virtual Terminal Service. Similar to Telnet.

voice compression There are several types of voice compression but the idea is same. Basically voice compression is used to reduce the amount of bandwidth required to transmit voice. One part of this is to remove pauses in speech from the transmission itself. The pauses are represented by data characters that indicate where the pauses belong but without the need for transmitting the pauses themselves. They are removed at the originating side and reinserted at the receiving end. Actually a great deal more goes into the algorithms used than just pauses. Various manufacturers use different techniques. Some are more effective than others for delivering quality voice transmission. (equipment for voice compression)

vPOTS Very Plain Old Telephone Service; no switching

VQC Vector Quantizing Code; a voice compression technique that runs at 32 and 16 kbit/s.

VQL Variable Quantizing Level; voice encoding method.

VRML Virtual Reality Modeling Language. VRML is a language much like HTML for getting data on the Web. The 3D nature of VRML is where the two specs depart. Mark Pesce explained VRML to be, "...a language for describing multi-user interactive simulations-virtual worlds networked via the global Internet and hyperlinked within the World-Wide Web."

VSAT Very Small Aperture Satellite.

VTAM Virutal Terminal Access Method, an SNA protocol.

VTNS Virtual Telecommunications Network Service

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