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Adtran NetVanta 340
bulletIP access routers for ADSL, ADSL2, ADSL2+ networks
bulletSupports ATM, PPP over ATM, and PPPoE over ATM
bulletADSL2+ line rates up to 25 Mbps
bulletStandards-based BGP, OSPF, RIP, static routing and bridging protocols
bulletIntegral stateful inspection firewall protects against Denial of Service (DoS) attempts
bulletIPSec VPN upgrade supporting DES/3DES/ AES encryption
bulletCompatible with ADTRAN’s other VPN equipped NetVanta products
bulletRecognizable CLI and user-friendly Web-based Graphical User Interface (GUI)
bulletQuality of Service with Low Latency and Weighted Fair Queuing, and DiffServ-marking
bulletBuilt-in alert and logging mechanisms
bulletNetwork Address Translation (NAT/NAPT) and NAT Traversal v2
bulletNAT-compliant SIP ALG
bulletDHCP client, server, and relay
bulletXAUTH including RADIUS and RSA SecurID
bulletFlash memory supports dual images of ADTRAN OS
bulletFirmware upgradable using TFTP or FTP
bulletTelnet, HTTP, SSH, or SNMP management options
bullet1.625” H, 7.5” W, 5.5” D
bulletAC power (120 VAC, 60 Hz, 6 watts)

Ordering information:

bullet1200422L1 Adtran NetVanta 340 w/Standard Feature Pack Software 
bullet1950422L2 Adtran Enhanced Feature Pack Software Upgrade for NetVanta 340 
bullet4200422L2 Adtran NetVanta 340 w/Enhanced Feature Pack Software 

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