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Tracer Microwave T1 E1

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The ADTRAN TRACER is a digital microwave radio that uses spread spectrum technology for medium, and short-haul dual T1 or single E1 digital communication links.

As authorized under part 15.247 of the FCC Rules, the TRACER operates in the unlicensed 2.400-2.483.5 GHz Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) band. A point-to-point 2xT1 TRACER link can be quickly installed without time consuming and expensive frequency coordination.

TRACER provides a robust digital communications link using military-proven, spread spectrum technology. Using Direct Sequence Spread spectrum (DSSS) coding and Quadrature Phase Shift Keying (QPSK) modulation, TRACER provides a strong, clean signal that minimizes interference. TRACER is suited for Cellular/PCS T1 infrastructure, thin-route telco infrastructure, and fast turn-up construction of permanent or temporary applications. It is also ideal for applications such as emergency/disaster recovery, data/voice infrastructure for utility and public service companies, and building-to-building/campus-to-campus connectivity for voice, data and video.

TRACER is composed of two primary components, a Baseband Processor and a radio frequency converter (RFC). The RFC may be mast-mounted up to 350 feet from the Baseband Processor, using a single, RG-8 size coax. All signaling and power functions between the Baseband Processor and RFC are provided over this single coax connection. Additionally, rack-mounting the RFC is an option for installations using low-loss connections to the antenna. The Baseband Processor is housed in a 1U (1.75"), 19", 6 pound package that is suitable for rack or table top installation. The rack-mount RFC also occupies a 1U space and co-locates with the Baseband Processor.

The TRACER transports two T1 digital signals in any format and provides two industry standard DS1 or DSX-1 digital signal interfaces. For international applications, TRACER is capable of transporting one E1 interface and provides one G.703 interface. A separate maintenance channel is transported in addition to the T1 or E1 signal, and provides control for remote configuration and monitoring. The maintenance channel is supported over the link without impacting the capacity.

TRACER provides frequency agility by allowing one of two channel plans to be selected. Individual part numbers are assigned for the various channel configurations of the RFC for simplicity in factory ordering, but there is no difference in hardware components. Any RFC is capable of, and can be easily adjusted to be used for, either frequency plan. Ten spreading codes are available for interference protection. Individual TRACER components can be ordered for spares and replacement parts.

For testing purposes, the TRACER has the ability to perform local and remote T1 loopbacks. Through the terminal user interface, all tests, status and configuration can be verified on screen, locally or remotely through a modem. For times when a terminal is not available, TRACER can be configured via the front panel control buttons.

By using the latest technology and incorporating ADTRAN's ISO 9001 manufacturing processes, Adtran has created TRACER to provide the highest levels of reliability and durability. As a result, TRACER is backed by an industry leading standard 5 year warranty and outstanding technical support.

TRACER Rack-mount System

Frequency Plan A ----- 4280.TRACERT1L2-A
Frequency Plan B ----- 4280.TRACERT1L2-B

TRACER Mast-mount System

Frequency Plan A ----- 4280TRACERT1L1-A
Frequency Plan B ----- 4280TRACERT1L1-B

TRACER Baseband Processor ----- 1280.003L1

Power Supply ----- 1360.DSK24VL1  


TRACER 2xT1 Rackmount

TRACER 2xT1 Mastmount

ADTRAN Tracer Data Sheet

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