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Tracer Microwave Dual  T1 Mastmount

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The ADTRAN Tracer is an unlicensed digital microwave radio that uses spread spectrum technology to provide two, independent T1 communication links. As authorized under part 15.247 of the FCC Rules, Tracer operates in the 2.4 - 2.4835 GHz industrial, scientific, and medical (ISM) band.

The Tracer mast-mounted system is composed of two primary hardware elements; a Baseband Processor (BBP) and a Radio-Frequency Converter (RFC). To minimize transmission line loss at 2.4 GHz, the weatherproof RFC may be mast mounted up to 350 feet from the Baseband Processor, using a single, RG-8 size coax. All signaling and power functions between the Baseband Processor and RFC are provided over this single coax connection.

Tracer transports two T1 digital signals in any framing or line code format and provides two DS1/DSX-1 interfaces. A separate maintenance channel is embedded in the Tracer data stream, providing remote configuration and monitoring functions. The maintenance channel is provided without impacting the T1 capacity.

By using the latest technology and incorporating ADTRAN's ISO 9001 manufacturing processes, ADTRAN has created Tracer to provide the highest levels of reliability and durability. As a result, Tracer is backed by an industry-leading standard 5 year warranty and ADTRAN's outstanding 24-hour technical support.


bulletDigital microwave radio
bulletDual T1
bulletNo license required: FCC rules Part 15.247
bulletDirect sequence spread spectrum
bulletFrequency 2.4 to 2.4835 GHz
bulletMast mounting for maximum signal efficiency
bulletFrequency agile
bulletRemote loopback
bulletRemote control of far-end
bullet1U, 19-inch rack space using mast-mounted RFC
bulletPoint-to-point, up to 30 miles
bulletIndustry leading 5 year warranty



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Product Specifications


bulletOutput Power: +20 dBm, Max
bulletFrequency Band: 2.4 to 2.4835 GHz
bulletChannel Bandwidth: 40 MHz
bulletIntermediate Frequency: 140 MHz


bulletReceive Level Threshold: -91 dBm (10-6 BER)
bulletReceive Level Max: -30 dBm
bulletReceive Level Nominal: -60 dBm
bulletFrequency Range: 2.4 to 2.4835 GHz
bulletChannel Bandwidth: 40 MHz
bulletIntermediate Frequency: 70 MHz


bulletA-TX 2.422 GHz . . RX 2.462 GHz
bulletB-TX 2.462 GHz . . RX 2.422 GHz


bulletModulation: QPSK
bulletSpreading Method: Direct Sequence
bulletCodes: 10
bulletCode Length: 120
bulletProcessing Gain: > 12 dB
bulletSpreading Rate: 12 times


bulletPreselector Filter: Cavity tuned
bulletAntenna Port: N-type, female
bulletImpedance: 50 Ohm


bulletCapacity: 2 x T1
bulletData Rate: 2 x 1.544 Mbps
bulletDigital Interface: DS1, DSX-1
bulletConnection: RJ-48C, Bantam
bulletMonitor: Bantam
bulletLine Code: AMI, B8ZS
bulletFraming: SF, ESF
bulletAlarms: YEL/AIS, Red, BPV
bulletLoopbacks: Local & remote
bulletMast-mounted RFC


bulletFront Panel: Status LEDs, configuration switches
bulletDiagnostics: T1 loopback, remote test with BERT, self-test
bulletTest Points: RSSI, system voltages, I & Q
bulletAlarm Contacts: Major, minor (normally open or closed)


bulletFunction: Menu-driven user interface, monitor & control of local & remote end, password protected, event history
bulletData Rate: 9600 Bps
bulletEmulation: VT 100
bulletConnection: DB-25 (RS-232)


Baseband Processor

bulletOperating Temperature: 0 to 50 C
bulletWidth: 16.75", (for 19" EIA rackmounting)
bulletHeight: 1U (1.75")
bulletDepth: 11.5"
bulletHumidity: 95%, non-condensing
bulletWeight: 6 lbs

Mast-mount RFC

bulletOperating Temperature: -40 to 65 C
bulletDiameter: 9"
bulletHeight: 21"
bulletHumidity: 100%
bulletWeight: 18 lbs


bulletInput Voltage: 21-56 VDC
bulletPower Consumption: 30 watts, (amperage=30 watts/voltage)
bulletDC Connector: 3-pin screw clamp
bulletAC Adapter Connector: 3-pin DIN

Systems are shipped with pre-configured frequency plans, but may be switched without additional equipment to accommodate either plan
This device has not been approved by the Federal Communications Commission. This device is not and may not be offered for sale or lease, until the approval of the FCC has been obtained.
Tracer is also available in a Rack Mount configuration. For information on this equipment please see ADTRAN Document Number 64280TRACERT1L2-8B.

Ordering Information

bullet2xT1 Mast-mounted system, preconfigured frequency plan A - 4280TRACERT1L1-A
bullet2xT1 Mast-mounted system, preconfigured frequency plan B - 4280TRACERT1L1-B
bulletAC Adapter - 1360DSK24VL1

Regulatory Compliance

bulletFCC PART 15.247 - Pending Approval
bulletFCC Part 68 - HDCUSA-32567-DE-N


Tracer Data sheet (pdf)


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