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Adtran Frame Relay products

The pricing shown for the manufacturers listed is kept as current as possible and only shows manufacturers' list price.  It is intended to be used for estimates and is not guaranteed against changes by the manufacturer nor does it reflect your final cost.   For the most current and accurate pricing please call us at 727-398-5252 or fill out and e-mail our "quote request" form.

bulletIQ View Software Membership
bulletFSU w/ 56/64 DSU (Express 5110)
bulletV.35 Adapter Cable Male-to-Male
bulletV.35 Adapter Cable Male-to-Female
bulletExpress 5210
bulletDSU IQ
bulletIQ Probe
bulletNxIQ Module
bulletIQ Probe V.35 Adapter Cable Male-to-Male
bulletIQ Probe X.21 Adapter Cable Male-to-Female
bulletIQ Probe V.35 Adapter Cable Male-to-Female
bulletExpress 5200
bulletDual FXO Card
bulletDual FXS Card
bulletDual E&M Card
bullet4-wire Switched 56 DBU Card
bulletV.34 DBU Card
bulletISDN DBU Card
bulletEthernet Card
bulletExternal DCE Card
bulletIQ View
bulletIQ View*
bulletIQ View*
bulletIQ View*
bulletIQ View Upgrade** from 10 to 25 nodes
bulletIQ View Upgrade** from 25 to 50 nodes
bulletIQ View Upgrade** from 50 to 100 nodes

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